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3.5 stars--Romancing the Running Back (Santa Fe Bobcats #4) by Jeanette Murray

Nom nom nom. So. I have a thing for the Santa Fe Bobcats. The guys are freaking lick.a.ble. The heroines spirited and lively. *reader girl sigh* Best combo ever.

Sooo Romancing the Running Back. The quick of it is that Anya has come to town to help her best friend with planning her wedding. And the best man? He'll suffer through having to work with her but he's so not on board with a bridesmaid he considers shallow since she's a fashion consultant. He's not about to make friends. Pesky attraction be damned!

Alright. So these two. Anya. I liked this chick so much! She's a kickass woman with a vision. Passionate about what she does, has a good heart and she's not gonna take shit from Josiah (we'll get to that in a second). She's had a rough go as of late and having to start over and I loved how brave she was with it. She jumps in a tackles things and is just kind and thoughtful. Murray writes the best heroines!

Aaaand then Josiah. Yeah, Josiah. I really loved his bits in the previous book but lordy he was just too much of a goody two shoes in this one and, well, kind of an ass and judgmental about her "shallow" job when he's over here saving the world playing football *eye roll*. There were peeks at the good guy he is in there but he was just too preachy save the world for me for a lot of the time  *deep breaths* When he could stop with that and the quick judging of her he was great though.
"This isn't what I'm supposed to be writing down, is it? Because if so, you'll need to slow down."

"Pots and pans," she called out from inside a bottom cabinet. "Silverware, plates and bowls, cups--"

"How about I just write down 'kitchen shit' and call it good?"

She backed up from the next cabinet and flicked him a look that could have frozen the Abominable Snowman's testicles. 
Now, despite Josiah wearing on my nerves now and again their romance was actually pretty fun. I know, I know. I totally ranted about him. But still I liked them overall and the kind of an enemies to lovers bit happening between them as they go about working on their friend's wedding together. They...tolerated one another and slowly grew on each other like fungus until BOOM nekkid yummy times and a reluctant friendship in bloom. lol .

They had some nice sparks and they did suit well. Both were passionate about what their jobs and had causes they felt strongly about and they were dedicated to their friends which is always nice. I liked seeing them settle into friendship and find romance even if they didn't totally get each other's jobs/passions and just had to go with them.

All in all, while I didn't feel like Romancing the Running Back was the strongest addition to the series--the writing just wasn't quite as on point as the others and it was missing the little spark of humor I normally relate to Murray's books--it was still an entertaining read. The heroine was wonderful and I love the team as a whole and getting to spend time with them. I would totally recommend hitting this series from the start. It's been a fab one.

When Anya Fisher is asked to be the maid of honor in her best friend’s wedding, she jumps at the chance to go to Santa Fe. There’s nothing left for her in Atlanta—except a bitter and controlling almost-ex husband. Starting over as an online personal shopper is challenging, but not as much as having to plan wedding festivities with uptight groomsman Josiah Walker...

As a Santa Fe Bobcats running back, Josiah wants to make his mark on the field, not on the earth. A serious conservationist, he’s all about saving energy. So why is he wasting so much on the flighty fashionista in his best friend’s wedding? One kiss leads to another—and more. But when Josiah discovers that Anya has just as much substance as style, their harmless little fling may go into overtime...


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