Thursday, January 28, 2016

Insta-Wednesday: A very long week...

Because I love Instagram and fun pictures. The Herd's week ala Instagram :)

It was a long week here at casa herding kitties. We had an ice storm, lost power for 12 hours, had a herd babe loss, got some good herd babe news and some bad herd babe news and did a lot of snuggling and comfort reading. We're holding up and trying to be positive <3 Hard some days but trying...

He's not a kitteh *big dramatic herd babe sigh* but he is a hero dog so #BabyG is okay with it. Really. Reading on Extreme Honor by Piper J Drake. So far so good. And a yummy hero. Woots!

Yup. My eggs come with a chicken of the month! LOL in my efforts to #eatethical I'm buying pasture raised eggs these days. Didn't realize how misleading the 'cage free' and 'free roaming' egg labels were until recently. Pasture raised from here on out. So glad our Kroger has them. I love that the company is a bit cheeky with their girls too.

#tryingnewthings #vegetarian #ethical #chickens #eating #food #bettereating

7+ hours with the power out. Thank goodness for the fireplace. 
Little Man was loving it. His forced sweater wearing...not so much. lol

#CarolinaWinter #Ice #Fire #DamnYouWinter

I believe her face says it all. Were officially cold. 
#9.5hrsAndCounting #DamnItsCold #wintersucks #DamnYouWinter #Ice #CarolinaWinter

Instead of the mass amounts of snow everyone got we LOTS of it.
And it took out the power for 12 hours when it was 24 degrees.
There was a lot of miserable happening at our house.

I dont know...i think we could get a little closer... 

Waiting for the warm...

My little guy in his sweater and on the heating blanket. Hes my sick little one. So glad hes finally toasty warm and comfortable enough to sleep. <3

(update: I was glad that on his last couple days with us he was comfortable and resting. He passed a few days later. rIt was heartbreaking losing our boy but we were able to say goodbye and love on him and his vet was wonderful. All of the women came in to give him some love and tell him how wonderful he was even if he was a grumbler <3 )

Grocery store freebies this week! Yay Kroger and their try it out freebie deals. 
Plus a couple things that came in the mail.

#gotitfree #tryingnewthings #freebies #deals

(the popcorn is yummy, the cats loved the treats, the water freaks me out)

Ha! Things are returning to normal after the ice storm. Cutie UPS man was finally able to make deliveries. Now waiting on the post office and trash pick up. 4 days passed due for that. Yikes.

(in three days my poor UPS man brought me 9 packages)

Southern cats dealing with the cold...
(Mo, Rosie--who had a great recheck & normal values--and Cleo)

I just love this face. #HerdPup is having a hard week and got some discouraging news at the vet but we're trying to stay positive. She's getting spoiled rotten and was promised she never has to walk around the block again. lol Lots of rest today too now that her meds have kicked in. #adogslife #dogsofinstagram #dogs #dogsarelove #sweet #seniorpets

Sooo...yeah. Can January be over now, please? Found this guy stuck in the garbage cans.
I'd forgotten to close the lid when I was taking things out after the ice melted and he climbed in and couldn't get out. I tipped the can over, he played dead, stuck around the entire day and then took off once it was finally dark out. Made for lots of excitement and maybe a little squealing when I initially found him and he scared me.

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