Saturday, January 23, 2016

Dayum! It's been COLD at Casa Herding Kitties!

Hey all! Sooo it's been quiet from this end. Sorry about that! Was getting ready for the bad weather and pending time with a sick herd babe and then....It's been COLD and DARK at Casa Herding Kitties. We got caught up in the winter storm happening and got hit with ice. Lots and lots of freezing rain that turned to ice and knocked out the power here for 12 hours. Holy freaking COLD!

So no internet but worse no heat. And a very grumbly herd after about hour 8. They were over it. OVER IT! lol We're huddled in the living room (it has a fireplace) and it pretty much looks like a BedBath&Beyond exploded in here from all the blankets and curtains. lol I swear it's gonna take a week to wash them all. 

Anywho. Just wanted to let yall know what was up. And to send my thanks to all the linemen out there--those from our state and all of those that traveled here to help-- who I know are even colder than we were and working in dangerous conditions. Lord bless They're amazing people.

I'll be slowly getting back into the swing of things--damn I am exhausted from it all and an emergency USO shift--and returning emails and blog visits. Just wanted to let everyone know what was up here and why it was so quiet :) Hopefully the worst has passed and we'll keep power here on out. Hope everyone else is safe and toasty!

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