Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Monthly Herd-- January--It was a LONG month.

Thank goodness January is over. It was one of those months that I had to work very hard to be positive and upbeat. There were some really great things. Namely the blog turned FOUR years old! Winner's emails are going out tonight :D I also set my 2016 bloggy and life goals and have been working hard on those. I started ASL classes and have seriously been loving those. So some good things were happening. 

But it was also a month of heavy loss for us. I've talked a little on FB about it but not too much but figured I'd let yall know what was going on and why I've been delayed with visits and returning comments a lot this month. We lost a dear family friend and then two herd babes this month. It's made for a lot of sad days where blogging just wasn't something I was going to get done. They did all have long lives and passed peacefully so we're thankful for that. I also got news on the HerdPup that she has mouth cancer and it's inoperable. She's doing okay and holding in there but was pretty heartbreaking to get that news when she'd just gone in for a dental.

I've been trying to be positive though and focus on the good by doing weekly "good shit that happened" threads on the blog's FB page. Those have been a huge help lifting my spirits and seeing the awesome things happening with everyone from very small things to huge accomplishments. So thank you to everyone who has stopped by joined in. It really meant more than yall probably realized at the time.

I also started a walking challenge and now have a fitbit ( ) if anyone wants to friend me there. I'll say I really fucking HATE exercise and walking and I curse the thing often. The HerdPup does as well. I had to promise her I would never make her walk again. She was avoiding me every time I got up to go for a walk because MOM NOOOOOO! I totally got her feelings on it. lol But I'm moving a lot more than at the start of the month and hopefully it'll start to pay off. I'll just be a grumpy bitch in the mean time. 

Anyways. That's what's been up on the personal front. Needless to say I'm very glad to be leaving January behind. Now on the blog front all the things that happened...

Alas, nothing new! But there are some things in the works for the next couple months...

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