Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Monthly Herd-- April-- Sweet Mary...I'm tired!

How is April already over?! Damn but this month was busy and exhausting and dangit ended with a cold. And I totally turn into a whiny mess when sick. lol  So what happened...

On the home front. Crazy busy. I'm still spring cleaning and have moved on to the kitchen. Everything got taken out and scrubbed (still working on that) and some furniture switches made as well as where things go in cabinets. I'm already loving that change. I'm getting rid of a lot of stuff in there too. So many little appliances and gadgets you can accumulate over 10+ years and you NEVER use. I haven't made a waffle in years but there the dang waffle maker sits. There was some USO-age happening and my ASL classes continued. Both are fun as always. I'm also tackling my garden/lawn and have been out planting and taking apart beds and combining others. So...busy.

On the blog front. I did some design changes! This is real new but I'm kinda loving it. If you look on the banner all my social media icons are now up there and clickable. Took me forever to figure out even with Brianna sending me a link to a site that helps with it. lol I so shouldn't program/code while sick! I got it figured out finally but then somehow changed my blog name to .herding cats & burning soup. No idea how I managed to add that little [.] at the start of it. That's since been fixed. lol Other than that the A to Z challenge happened and there was a lot of randomness on the blog. I hope you enjoyed it! I had a great time coming up with all the things I lust after but man I'm ready for the blog to go back to normal posting only! Whew! 

I started doing Audio Reviews. I've done a couple random ones but decided to make a thing of it.
So once a month I'll do some quickie Audio Hits reviews from what I've listened to that month while cleaning and walking.

Read All The Books Challenge

I decided to do this on my own but then opened it up to others.
Basically you pick an author who has 45+ works out (book, novella, short, etc) them ALL. 
It's an open ended challenge so you can take 6 months or 6 years or whatever. No pressure :D

Challenge Info: HERE

Awakened by the Wolf Review Op!

Debut author Kristal Hollis has a book coming out June 1st! If you'd like to review it please let me know! It looks like a tasty one :D You can also request a guest post or interview. Sign Up HERE

This year's first Blog Ahead kicks off in minutes!
This is a way to get ahead in your blogging with the support of a bunch of other bloggers.

Event Info: HERE

This is probably the last blog hop that'll happen for a while unless the mood strikes. 
So if you'd like to get in a blog hop and celebrate the men/women and critters who keep us safe this is the time!


Total Reviews: 16
New to Me Authors: 6
Favorite Read: Rocky Mountain Wedding by Sara Richardson
Towards Challenges: 16

The A to Z Challenge!
Feel free to stop by any of the old posts :)

Guest Post w/ Fiona Archer
Guest Post w/ Tracy A Ward
Guest Post w/ Paige Tyler
Guest Post w/ Nicole Helm

Insta Wednesday: Week 1 | Week 2 (there were firemen!)
I'm going to be changing this to twice a month I think.
I actually missed a full 2 weeks this month somehow. I'll sneak those in in May.

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