Saturday, November 26, 2016

Crafting with Kitties-- Christmas Ornament Wreath

The holidays are here! And with that? A new wreath. I saw a video on facebook where they were using a pool noodle to make a wreath and thought...oooo! I can do this! But, alas, since it's not summer there are no pool noodles to be had. lol 

All you need is a wreath round (or noodle if you can find one), ornaments (I used cheap shatter proof ones from Walmart--about 8 bucks a container) and hot glue. Easy. Peasy.

I learned from my Autumn wreath. Since my door is red I cannot use red ornaments. Darn it! I love red. So gold it was for the Christmas wreath.

Enter helper #1.

I did get some red in with wee little ornaments.

Heeeeeelllllppppful. We. Are.

And helper #2!

For the wreath it's very simple. Just hot glue ornaments around the inner circle of the wreath. Then the outer circle of the wreath. Allow that to dry then start adding layer two of ornaments in a zigzag filling in space between the inner and outer circles.

I really wanted a bit of color to my wreath so snagged a gab of little red ornaments and filled in spaces where you could still see the foam wreath round.

Tada!! I'm going to attempt adding solar lights to it so there's a little sparkle at night but I like it how it is now. So glittery! It cost maybe $26 all said and done. I ended up getting a second box of the gold ornaments and used half of those so about 60 total gold ornaments. Not too bad.

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