Saturday, November 12, 2016

Randomly Random-- Arm Hair? Seriously?!

So. It's the middle of the night. And I'm laying in bed. (seriously I swear EVERY randomly random starts that way, lol) So I'm watching Proper Tasty videos o Facebook on my phone and this guy is making the recipe.

And, hello, guys cooking? Totally sexy.

But I'm watching and I'm like dude! that is one hairy fucker! Which led to...

Does arm hair fall out?

Like, seriously. Without looking it up. Does arm-hair fall out like head-hair?

Because can you imagine?! All that arm hair. Ahh! Just shedding about going where it pleases...

And yes. I did, indeed, get up and Google it because I couldn't stop wondering and man it was bothering me at like 4am and  couldn't remember if I'd ever seen one of my arm hairs fall out. Though I'm not all that fuzzy. I'd totally be a cold hairless bear. :/

Anywho. Just a random thought.

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