Sunday, November 6, 2016

Life Reboot-- Week 3

Life Reboot. Taking control of my life one day at a time...and having a blast doing it. Each week I'll share how I did and what I plan for the coming week. If you want to join in...please do! Either in a blog post or just share what you're doing in the comment section!

It was a slower going week here since we had a new kitty arrival but still made some good changes and progress, I think!

This Past Week!

➜ Try One New Thing 
I tried Freekeh? It's a grain and came in my HelloFresh box this week. I really liked it! It cooks like regular rice and was in an amazing dish that'll be on the blog in a few weeks. Noms! 
➜ Explore Cary 

For Halloween I went to a Pumpkin Flotilla at our lake right up the road. It was pretty neat. They kayaked across the lake with pumpkins on little floats. Here's a bunch of them afterwards when they pulled them back up to the shore.
➜ Finish my floor 
Aaaand I didn't finish this but I made a lot of progress and dealt with an issue cut that was stressing me. One more week and I'll be done. *fingers crossed* As soon as that's done one wall is getting painted then FINALLY putting the bookcase wall together. Wee!
➜ Get the new herd babe, Addi, checked out. 
Addi went to the vet Wednesday and they adored her. She did well and checked out mostly okay. She had a couple bloodwork things that were a little wonky but we're hoping just stress/change so a recheck in 2 weeks. 
➜ Finish my front step planters 
Done! I went with blue and gold for some reason when I painted. I love it, though. I went from probably 7 different colored planters that looked worn to these. I'm happy with them. I'll need to do all the deck ones next but that's for another week. And then continuing on with trying to get the outside of the house in shape again. I kinda let nature take over for a while. Ergs! Bad, homeowner. Bad! lol

➜ Get Rid of 5 things a day (GRO)
Yes! I'm doing really good with this. This week I got rid of plates! I had a freaking insane number of plates for one girl. Sets that are 16 years old from when I was 18 and are beat up and nothing special. So I got rid of them ALL and bought 6 new bowls and 6 new plates from the Pioneer Woman line at Walmart. I'm LOVING them. And not having to fight the shelves in the kitchen. yay!

And Plans for This Coming Week!

➜ Try something new. Big or small.
➜ Explore Cary--get to know my town
➜ Get my step and water goals 5 of 7 days
➜ Go see Lee Child (11th)
➜ Finally finish my bedroom floor.
➜ Stain/paint the deck & string lights
➜ Get rid of 35 things
➜ Go to a political rally & vote 
Put together an Emergency Winter Box

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