Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Insta-Wednesday: Squirrel!!!!!!!!

Because I love Instagram and fun pictures. The Herd's week ala Instagram :)

Cats, crafting, cold, cooking. Cheesy art. Yeah. There are a lot of Cs this week :D

Cold. Life as a #SouthernCat

Oh nom nom nom. This was so freaking good.

So. I met Lee Child.

New food adventures. Lentil salad with brussels sprouts, roasted sweet potatoes and feta cheese. It was...interesting. Smelled like dog shampoo while it was cooking. lol

Last week's spread. I'm having fun decorating my weekly to do list.

She was feeling needy.

She's watching GRIMM.
I was sitting there working on my planner and she's like...I'm going in the bag!
Okay, BabyG. Okay.

Getting our Christmas on. 
#craftingwithkitties #crafts #christmas #cats #catsofinstagram #catstagram

Nature is an asshole. I blew this area 2 days ago. *Shakes fist*
#nature #fallinNC #lordhelpmeihadtotouchit

Sometimes you see something and you're like Anna, no! You do not need this. (and then there's a whispered yes I do. I really do)
#sassysquirrel #cometomama #musthave

Pig Rug had to happen, too. Shopping trip for the WIN!!

This week's spread pre-pen. I made my own stickers this week. Woo! All of the critters were home drafted/printed. Yay!

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