Sunday, November 27, 2016

Life Reboot #6-- woo!

Life Reboot. Taking control of my life one day at a time...and having a blast doing it. If you want to join in...please do! Either in a blog post or just share what you're doing in the comment section!

This Past Week!
I was, erm, a spot optimistic when planning this past week. lol The holidays--even though I really didnt do anything big and got to go to someone elses house to eat. SCORE!--threw me off. Ah well. I still got some stuff done so were good :D 

➜ Try something new. Big or small.
Erms. Chocolate pea milk? lol Oh and red rice. Not a total fan of that but coulda just been the dish.
➜ Explore Cary--get to know my town
I so sucked at this. lol Thanksgiving threw me off and the thing I wanted to do originally was closed. But! I DID get lost coming home from Thanksgiving and ended up checking out a road and seeing where it ended which led to lots of really pretty christmas lights so. *shrugs* lol
➜ Paint my trash cans
And this I totally rocked!!! Okay so my yard trash cans are like 18 years old at this point. And they are so ugly! But they work so I can't justify replacing them. So...I fancified them! I sure did! I wasnt too worried about being "perfect" so a little dribble...okay. Kinda gives it a rustic charm <--- at least that's what I'm going with. Ha!
Totally went from drab to fab! ;) 
➜ Finally finish my bedroom floor. *eye roll*
I'm in the closet! Almost. Almost!
➜ No more groceries until 2017! (except fresh fruit/fake milk)
Other than veggies and one thing of fake milk I bought hamburger buns for a blog post & pita chips to replace ones the herd killed. But not too bad. 
➜ Get rid of 5 things a day (GRO) 
<silence> Okay so I got rid of like 3 things this week so far. Not 35. But still getting rid of things. I'm blaming Thanksgiving. Handy!

And Plans for This Coming Week!
➜ Try something new. Big or small.
➜ Explore Cary--get to know my town
➜ Paint my room!
➜ Work on the deck
➜ The floor. The fucking floor.
➜ Get rid of 5 things a day (GRO)

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