Friday, November 18, 2016

4 stars-- Hold Me, Cowboy (Copper Ridge: Desire #2) by Maisey Yates

Sometimes a girl really just needs to land herself on Santa's naughty list. Something Maddy set about doing in a glorious way. And she's gonna take her nemesis, Sam, down with orgasm at a time. Hallelujah! Hold Me, Cowboy? total orgasm infused fun!

Okay so Maddy and Sam. They've spent years sniping at each other. She's snobby and always shocking people...he's cocky and always ready to snarl at them. And they just drive each other crazy. But a snow storm, a remote cabin, lots of sexual tension and a horrifyingly long time since either has had a social orgasm (thank you Jill Shalvis for that gem!) and, yeah, sparks and panties fly.

It was hard not to like Sam and Maddy. He's a cowboy artist--he makes huge metal works. Rough and gruff but damn if that cocky pain-in-the-ass attitude wasn't sexy as hell, too. And Maddy. She was taking things into her own hands and breaking out of her past which I loved seeing. Plus she loved her food and wasn't about to let anyone get in the way of her noms.

They were a lot of fun together. Snarky and growly and that perfect combination of "I hate you"/"Want to climb you like a tree". He's the farrier for her horses so lots of  fiery interaction. Woo! It was so fun watching their animosity turn to scorching heat and passion and finding out maybe there were things they didn't know about each other.
He pushed his jeans down his lean hips, showing her the extent of his desire for her, reveling in the way her eyes widened when he revealed his body completely to her hungry gaze.

"I've never seen one that big before," she said.

He laughed. "Are you just saying that because it's what you think men need to hear?"

"No, I'm saying that because it's the biggest I've ever seen. And I want it."

"Baby," he said, "you can have it."

Maddy turned over onto her stomach and crawled across the bed on all fours in a move that damn near gave him a heart attack.
There's a lot of sexy since, well, they'd set out on a convenient sex-a-thon during a snowstorm and then had a naughty 12 days before Christmas thing happen. And, yeah, they're crazy hot together. Passionate and a little edgy and rough. It was curl your toes good. But there was a lot more to them than that as well. They're each dealing with some heavy emotional damage from the past they've never been able to let go of and finally talking about it with someone. There were some damn funny moments too that left me giggling.

All in all, Hold Me, Cowboy wasn't the most Christmasy of Christmas reads but a fantastic wintery tale of romance and healing. Sexy, emotional, giggle-worthy...I mean, really, it doesn't get any better than that. I can't get enough of Cooper Ridge and the people who call it home.

Oil and water have nothing on Sam McCormack and Madison West. The wealthy rancher has never met a haughtier—or more appealing—woman in his life. And when they're snowed in, he's forced to admit this ice queen can scorch him with one touch…

Madison had plans for the weekend! Instead she's stranded with a man who drives her wild. A night of no-strings fun leaves both of them wanting more when they return to Copper Ridge. His proposal: twelve days of hot sex before Christmas! But will it ever be enough?


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