Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Monthly Herd-- November-- Getting Social & BabyG being a jerk. *nods*

Holy cow we're almost to December. Insanity! I know that's said every month nearly but seriously! December! *flails* lol

November was an interesting month. And a busy one. The Life Reboot feature is keeping me crazy busy with all kinds of fun things like Hoppy Hour at the art museum, going to see Lee Child, getting ready for winter, making wreaths. It's been a lot of fun! If anyone wants to join in on those you're welcome to!

On the herd front. Gladys is an asshole and continues to be mean to new girl Addi. Addi had a couple vet appointments and while she's not "normal" she's not "abnormal" either on test results. We're in a wait and see holding pattern for some of her weird blood levels.

I cooked a lot, but not on Thanksgiving. Ro from over at In the Know with Ro invited me to her house to have Thanksgiving with a her and a friend. She cooked a crazy amount of food and it was all delicious. The company was awesome, too. She's a fun one, yall.

On the blog front...someone's an asshole and kept reporting my personal FB account. I landed in FB jail for a good portion of the month for ridiculous things like...a photo I posted over a year ago of a guy in a thong (all naughty bits covered). Really now? Definitely makes me consider trimming my contacts list though I think the person who caused it has unfriended me so hopefully good to go from now on. 

Hrm. I think that's it! Authors for the Holidays kicks off tomorrow AND all of the sign ups for the 2017 Reading/Review challenges will go live as well. Or should. Must finish designs! If you want to be notified about those fill out THIS form!

How is it almost December?!! Eeeks!
Authors for the Holiday is almost here!
We'll have a ton of awesome authors stopping by on Thursdays, Fridays and Tuesdays during the month. I'll sprinkle some other random fun posts in, too!

I had a LOT of really great reads go live this month. It was hard to pick favorites! But definitely recommend most of them.

Total Reviews: 16
New to Me Authors: 4
Favorite Read: Maverick & Ruled (but damn there were a lot of good ones)
Towards Challenges: 15

I joined in on Top Ten Tuesday! check out this month's lists.

Top 10 Reads for Book Clubs (that are slightly naughty)
Newest additions to my TBR pile
Ten Things I'm Thankful For

Life Reboot-- it was a BUSY month!

Insta-Wed: Week 1 | Week 2

Guest Post w/ Noelle Adams
Guest Post w/ Michelle Major

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