Sunday, November 20, 2016

Life Reboot #5-- Winter boxes, Wreathes & Plans

Life Reboot. Taking control of my life one day at a time...and having a blast doing it. Each week I'll share how I did and what I plan for the coming week. If you want to join in...please do! Either in a blog post or just share what you're doing in the comment section!

Okay so this week. I was lazy. Kinda. It was cold and windy and I was tired so I kept it fairly simple but still made myself get out for one social thing and did a lot of prep work and errand type stuff so I'm happy. :D

This Past Week!
➜ Try something new/Explore Cary
Well. Kinda new. And kinda exploring. lol I'm combining these two this week. I went to a craft "class" at our Michaels store. I got an email they were having a wreath event and I needed a second wreath for the kitchen door so I decided to go. You buy the wreath base, they provide the flowers. Kinda. I ended up needing to buy a few extra pieces but overall it was fun and I came away with a nice wreath for only about $13. The ladies were helpful and I ended up with this. It was the first time I've done a lop-sided wreath and I really kinda dig it. I'm now ready for Christmas. Woohoo!
➜ Put together an Emergency Winter Box (or two)
I totally rocked this one, yall. I'm nearly ready for winter and all it can bring. I ended up doing two emergency boxes. One for my car and one for the house (in case of power outage). I seriously stocked these and spent more than I wanted but I honestly feel okay with that in the end. I'd rather shell out some cash and never have to use any of this than end up stuck somewhere in an emergency and not have what I need. More items have been added and a few still shipping but for the most part here it is :)

So what's in them?

In the car:
  • hand/body/toe warmers
  • hand crank radio
  • cell phone charger battery pack
  • scarf/hat/gloves
  • a complete change of clothes (in case of getting wet and needing a change, I'd never thought of this but such a good idea!)
  • paper towels
  • flashlight/batteries
  • first aid kit (I put my regular one that hangs in the car inside the winter kit)
  • energy bars
  • fire extinguisher
  • blanket
  • road flares
  • jumper cables
  • fix a flat tire repair
  • emergency whistle
  • a small shovel
  • clay cat litter
  • empty water bottles
  • a couple paper back books
  • umbrella
  • duct tape
  • I've also got an ice scraper and a window breaker/seat belt cutter in the car
In the house:
  •  Self warming cat beds for the herd
  • paper plates/cups/bowls/plastic silverware (I so don't wanna wash if the power is out
  • a pie iron for cooking in the fireplace
  • hand and foot warmers
  • flashlight
  • hand crank radio
  • candles and lighter
  • an led lantern and batteries
  • battery powered led night lights (handy to turn on and leave when it's dark)
  • a 3 gallon jug of water (well that'll be in the closet with it lol)
  • a co detector
  • I'm calling about my winter wood delivery tomorrow (they were closed on the weekend) and have an eye on a portable generator but I haven't pushed that buy button yet. Ergs! 
So. A lot of stuff. But I feel more secure having it and being prepared in case of whatever might pop up. Those 18 some hours without power last winter were freaking brutal so if it happens again hopefully we'll be more comfortable and prepared. 

➜ The floor. The fucking floor.
Seriously. Fuck. This. Floor. lol
➜ Get rid of 5 things a day (GRO)
Bwahaha as of this posting I've gotten rid of 2 things so far this week. Erms. But I still have 12 hours left. 33 items to hunt down. *cracks knuckles* 

And Plans for This Coming Week!
➜ Try something new. Big or small.
➜ Explore Cary--get to know my town
➜ Paint my trash cans
➜ Finally finish my bedroom floor. *eye roll*
➜ No more groceries until 2017! (except fresh fruit/fake milk)
➜ Get rid of 5 things a day (GRO)

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