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Quote-tastic/Review-- The Billionaire and the Virgin (Billionaires and Bridesmaids #1) by Jessica Clare

Oh you naughty billionaires!

Clare is one of the few authors who really makes me love their billionaires. The Billionaire and the Virgin. Lordy. So Rob is a foul mouthed playboy. Marjorie a prim and very innocent virgin. The two together made for some funny moments. Especially when getting a little naughty. This scene cracked me up. I loved both of their reactions...

"If you keep touching me like that, I'm going to come all over those pretty fingers of yours."

He eyes widened. She thought for a moment, and instead of drawing her hand away, she continued to caress him, "Can I.. can I watch?"

Rob groaned. God save him from virgins.
She immediately lifted her hand and began to touch the semen wonderingly. "It's so thick." Then, to his shock-- and delight-- she put her fingers to her mouth and tasted it.

And made a face.

He laughed. "It's an acquired taste."

"I'll take your word for it," she said, staring at her hand helplessly.
And this one. So Marjorie loves old people and most of her hobbies revolve around activities that they'd like. I was rolling over this one as he tried to get into one of her pastimes.
"Quit cussing," Marjorie teased Rob, tucking her chin against his shoulder. "You're scaring people."

"I'm not fucking scaring anyone," Rob growled, staring straight ahead at the card in his hand. "I'm just...fucking...pissed." He punched a number on the screen of the test unit he was trying out. "They're not calling my fucking number on purpose!"

She rolled her eyes. The man was terribly impatient. "We're here to test the cards. That's all. And it's not like you need the money!"

"Bingo!" someone yelled behind Rob.

He tossed down his electric card in disgust. "That's it. I'm done. It's rigged."

Marjorie giggled. Such a poor loser, her Rob. "It's not rigged."

"Rigged," he repeated.

I've been reading Clare's books for a while just, erm, out of order? lol So I'm just making it back to book one of the series and I had a pretty good time with it. The characters were definitely memorable!

The quick of it is that Marjorie has gone to the islands for a friend's wedding and manages to fish a drowning--yet hunky--man out of the ocean. There's some mutual smitten-ness happening and some naughty shenanigans and maybe a couple secrets being kept, too.

Marjorie and Robert were pretty entertaining. There's an instant sizzle between them and some really hilarious and cringe-worthy dating blunders as they try to impress each other. They're as opposite as opposite can get-- he's a man whore who runs a girls gone wild type tv station and she's totally old-fashioned, a virgin and loves shuffleboard and bingo. But man they were fun together and goodness they steamed things up real nice.

So one neat thing. Chickie is hella tall. Even taller than the hero! I loved that. It was such a different thing to see with a couple in romance. And I flipping LOVED his reaction to her long sexy legs.

I was good with them for the most part but they did both have some issues. His work life left a lot to be desired. And she overreacted a good bit when she found out what he did. Plus a bit to hung up on her height especially seeing as how he loved it.

While The Billionaire and the Virgin wasn't my favorite of Clare's couples it was still a somewhat silly and steamy read and a fun way to spend a couple hours.

Marjorie Ivarsson is the picture of naivete. A hardworking waitress raised by her grandmother, an evening playing bingo is her sort of socialising. But when she's invited to be a bridesmaid at her friend Bronte's wedding, she enters a whole new world.

Whisked away to the billionaire groom's private island, Marjorie is awe-struck by the glitz and glamour. But what dazzles her most is notorious playboy and hot-shot TV producer Robert Cannon.

After Marjorie saves Robert from drowning in the island's turquoise lagoon, she can't help but feel drawn to him. But she's not the only woman intrigued, and with his wild and womanising ways, they couldn't be more wrong for each other. With the blistering attraction between them becoming hard to ignore, and the idyllic, irresistibly romantic island as their playground - will opposites attract?

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