Friday, March 24, 2017

Audio Files-- Smitten Book Club (Smitten #3) Anthology

Smitten Book Club was my first time with the narrator, series, and all four of the authors-- Colleen Coble, Kristin Billerbeck, Denise Hunter and Diann Hunt. And I had a good time with them. Sweet, heartwarming, and a charming look into a small town. 

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A long lost gold mine and a book club determined to find it. Oh yes. I love a treasure hunt. The ladies found an old etiquette book on how to snag a man at a library sale and in it's pages are clues for discovering the lost mine. Something they desperately want in order to help their friend who recently lost her husband and is struggling financially. 
I really enjoyed this collection. Each of the couples has some sort of history which I like in a novella. Either they'd known each other in the past and were reunited or were currently in each others world (librarian and patron, for example). I liked each set up and thought they flowed very nicely from one to the next. Time with friends, book club, real life struggles, funny moments coupled with serious ones. It was just a nice easy listen as they each tried their hand at deciphering clues and falling in love.  
The narrator for this one was Pam Turlow. This was my first time listening to her and oh, I like! Narration was easy and nicely paced. I was in sync with her from the first chapter. I was really nervous about reading an anthology on audiobook and that things would blur too much but it was handled nicely and I was able to follow along and keep track with no problem. I also listened to it in just 3 days which for a 9+ hour book is really fast for me. But I kept sneaking bits in whenever I could because I just enjoyed listening to Turlow. I'll hunt down more of hers for sure.

*** I listened to the Audiobook. You don't have to! Nearly every audiobook comes in either ebook or print as well. If the story interests you but audiobooks audiobooks aren't your can totally grab another format down below :D ***

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(it looks like the best deal is to buy the anthology along with the first two books in the series. Otherwise you'll buy each of the 4 novellas in the antho separately for 2.99 each)

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