Friday, March 10, 2017

4 stars-- Undeniably Yours (Kowalski Family #2) by Shannon Stacey

**I read this one back in like 2012 and it's been sitting in my drafts folder since then. *hangs head*

Oh yes. I've definitely fallen for the Kowalski family. Whew. Everything about them just does it for me. They're loud, overwhelming, rowdy, they do everything full force and there's just a ton of them. This time...Kevin Kowalsi who was just charmingly handsome and after a one night stand finds himself...about to be a daddy.

I had a good time with Undeniably Yours. Kevin was just a great hero. He's sexy, can be a little cheeky and he usually has no trouble with the ladies. That is until Beth who, whew, put him through the wringer wanting him to prove himself to her that he's, well, not a manwhore and is worth the risk of getting involved with romantically.

Alright. So not the easiest of situations to find yourself in at all. Kevin was incredible though. I loved how he jumped in and was determined to be a good daddy. Wanting to be there for their child and for Beth as well. It was very hard watching Beth keep him at arms length and pushing him away over and over again and really breaking his heart in the process. He was a champ though and just had the patience of a Saint. You couldn't ask for a better hero in my opinion.

Even though there was a lot of serious happening with their situation there was also a lot of humor mixed in that kept things from getting too heavy. And a touch of smexy happening as well along the way.

"Just like that?"

"Did you want me to argue with you first?"

"Hell, no, but I had pictured this conversation going somewhat differently. You'd get all offended I didn't think you could do your job and then you'd get all pissed off and accuse me of trying to be the boss of you and then..."

"And then?"

"And then I had kinda pictured us having make-up sex. And then christening-the-new-office-chair sex. And maybe christening-the-old-office-desk sex because, as far as I know, it was never christened. And--"

"Stop!" She held up her hand, laughing at his overly innocent expression. "How did you get from me being offended and pissed off to having sex?"

He shrugged. "It's like that six-degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon game, only I have a lot fewer degrees. Pissed off? Make-up sex. New office furniture? Christening sex. Grocery shopping? Whipped cream sex."
While I didn't love this one quite as much as book one--mainly because of the heroine-- it was still a very fun and heartwarming read and one I'm sure I'll pick up again one day. This family just loves each other something fierce and get through everything together and has totally wrapped itself around my heart and just won't let go.

One-night stand + two percent condom failure rate = happily ever after?

Bar owner Kevin Kowalski is used to women throwing their phone numbers at him, but lately he's more interested in finding a woman to settle down with. A woman like Beth  Hansen. If only their first meeting hadn't gone so badly...

Beth's tending bar at a wedding when she comes face-to-face with a tuxedo-clad man she never thought she'd see again. She tries to keep her distance from Kevin but, by last call, she can't say no to his too-blue eyes or the invitation back to his room. Then she slips out before breakfast without leaving a note and, despite their precautions, pregnant.

Kevin quickly warms to the idea of being a dad and to seeing where things go with Beth. After all, he's not the player she thinks he is. But she's not ready for a relationship and, given his reputation, it's going to take a lot to convince her to go on a second date with the father of her child...

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