Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Insta-Wednesday: Lettering, Lakes, & Leering Coloring Pages!

Because I love Instagram and fun pictures. The Herd's week ala Instagram :) 

#VegaCat visiting the vet. Yes, I yelled 'be good' as they took her away. lol #shesAHandful #AndAGrumbler #Catitude #catmom #fivpositive

[Holy cow, I think it's definitely time to go back to weekly posting. I've been getting into instagram a lot more this year and really working at staging pretty pictures and dayum there are a lot piling up in two weeks time. Goodness. These are from March 8th on]


And a little nature. I do love all the color in my garden.


Lol When your grocery store has a bar... 
My Harris Teeter just remodeled and, yep, we can now drink at noon.
#carync #mytown #grocery #outandabout

I need attention, Mommy. I need it now. 
#BabyG #thisismysadface #needycat

Sat in the sun, had a drink and did some lettering. Had a business meeting while watching geese and wind ripple along the lake. 

It might have gotten a wee bit windy at the lake...

Lettering at the lake. Listening to children laughing, geese chatting and the wind blowing. #marchintolettering

Some days I feel like I'm really rocking this adult thing. Flat bread Fattoush Salad with chickpeas and homemade garlic oil. Noms! 

Getting ready for next (well, 2 weeks ago) week... lol
I'm having fun trying new layouts and blending!

lol I looked up from the computer to see this very concerned look on Jeremy. The face mask I have on totally freaked him out. 

I am not amused. #daylightsavings #hell #shakesfist

I have made a grave mistake. -#KellyCat #SouthernCats #WinterWasOver3HoursLater 

Sadness. #daylightsavings is full of sadness.


Ive been trying out something new each year. Last year was learning ASL. This year hand lettering. So far so good!

I got book mail! And I'll tell you. When I first peeked into the package wine stopper was not my first thought... lol I was all damn look at Avon books getting all pervy with their swag. lol


Sometimes you write the wrong word and just have to go with it.. lol #marchintolettering #NurtureWasThePrompt

Reading on Rachel Lacey's Crazy for You. #BabyG approves. Especially over the grey kitteh. #MyCatReadsSmut


I just love this face. <3

Lol now picture my phone resting against my thumb and fingers with her wee little snoot in the triangle between then. #ThisIsHowWeRead

Mother Nature was all: I'm going to give you a stunning sunset and then *cackles like a maniacal bitch* a fucking scary ass storm that'll shake the house. Toodles! #CarolinaSkies

Blues for today. I'm a spot blue over this one from Beverley since this will be her last release. A bit bittersweet starting it. 

Getting ready for the coming week! I'm kind of excited. 
Lots of awesome things happening including #BabyG turning 9!! Plus a book release for one of the authors I work for. And some time at the USO.

I'm really having fun doing these #bujo layouts in my own way. And loving the Nurture Me bit each week. It's nice to have that little reminder to do some things that are just good for the soul :) Y'all have a exciting plans for the week?

When you're trying to get a pretty pic for your challenges and you're like...oh wait...I have cats. Helpful cats...


Adorable ones...but still.

And eventually you get the pic. An hour later... Because you had helpful cats. Yes...cats. Eating lights, leaping through the air, knocking down books. Helpful. So helpful. Lol

It's Baby G's birthday!! She's 9 today and got sent some kitty candy from a friend to celebrate. Meeeeow!

My wee baby is all grown. <3

 When you get surprise mail and you're like omg my friends... My friends totally get me. lol

My #currentread. I used to devour rom-suspense. They were SO my catnip. But I got a bit burned out. Starting to pick it up more and having fun.

This is my second from Hunt and whew! Sexy alpha male going all protective. And he calls her sweetness. That's what I call the herd babe when she's not being called devil spawn. lol

The boy.

Her birthday spoils.

My top three unforgettable characters? 
Jackson Pinter from Sabrina Jeffries-- he's just so Pinter. Growly and a little rough around the edges and not always the smoothest but so the yummiest 
Zsadist from JR Ward who just killed me. He's so broken and gone through so much and lordy how he was with his heroine and the thing at the end. Ugh!

Eve from JD Robb -- she's such a freaking badass. I love that she's got no time for social niceties or being all girly. She's got shit to do! Come on with these fancy clothes and make up. Pfft!

These three have kept a special place in my heart for years. Through hundreds and thousands of characters since.

Who are your top 3 heroes or heroines?

When your "spaghetti" and your "meatballs" both require quotation marks. lol
#vegetarianlife #veggies

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