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3.5 stars-- Too Taboo Anthology w/ Bardan, Cameron, & Stewart

Too Taboo. Yes, this anthology definitely dabbles on the side of naughty. Erotic, passionate, and eager to push boundaries Too Taboo sure heated things up on a cold winter's night.

Overall I really enjoyed this one. Some were stronger than others as the case usually is with an anthology but it was a nice taste of three new to me authors. So the stories are connected by a dubious consent theme. Each in a different way and the first two each with a surprising twist that left me going Oooo!

Absolve Me by Morgaine Cameron
Rating: 3.5     Heat: 4
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Passionate, daring, erotic. Cameron wrote an amazingly sensual and compelling sexual relationship. Between a sex surrogate and... a priest who's questioning his calling and wanting to act out some of his dark fantasies before deciding if he needed to leave the priesthood. A spot risky and edgy. And definitely not for everyone.

Liza and Dominic's connection was palpable. Dom had some very filthy fantasies and damn it was fun watching them play out. Their chemistry was spot on.

My only trouble was the heroine's motivation. This was a big decision for Dom to make and she made it more about her wants than his needs and trying to lead him in a particular direction. Which so not how a therapist should go into things. I also wanted to see more of his struggle not just a scene being set up, a lotta hot filthy dirty sex then parting ways until the next bang. I did like the end result but just needed more to get me from A to C. I would read her again for sure if I'm wanting a super steamy quickie to get things heated up. Noms!  

Twice As Hard by Amber Bardan
Rating:  4 stars    Heat: 4
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Oh my. Twice As Hard was sexy as all get out. A heroine captured. Two rugged men. Fantasies played out. A little twist on who the men really were. *bites lip*

Emotional turmoil, lives and futures on the line. This was an exciting little adventure as Gabby accidentally crosses into a neighboring property and gets herself captured by two big burly men who kinda force her into playing out one of her darkest fantasies-- being with two men at the same time. Whew boy the scenes were hot, the guys yummy, a little tease with letters being left for her. It was a good time. And had a nice twist with the relationship, too. Some wording now and again struck me as a bit off--I think because the author was from another country--but it wasn't enough to lessen the enjoyment. I'd read more from Bardan for sure.
I grab on to the table top, holding it down. "Settle, Pippa."
"Sit, Pip."

The table tips.

"Sit." The deep command rings out.

The table falls back into place with a rattle. Pippa drops, laying flat to the ground, face right between her paws, as low as she can get.

I pant, then look up at Clarke standing beside my table. His devilish expression spreads to his eyes. Why? I grip the edge of my seat, then look down in horror. I dropped down to sit just like Pip. Yes, I did. He could've just as well have barked the command at me, given how well I obeyed him.

"That's a good girl," he says, and bends.

Seduction Squad by Amanda Stewart
Rating:  3 stars    Heat: 4 flames
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So. Inge is pretty much an assassin/prostitute that works for Seduction Squad. She knows how to manipulate to get information she needs  and has no problem eliminating people. And she's good at what she does. Too bad she just got herself kidnapped and the tables have turned and Jake's ready to do anything he needs to get the info he wants from her. Mmhm.

These two had a nice dynamic and both had interesting back stories. There was a lot of heat. Especially once she uses her skills to pull his deepest darkest fantasies out of his head and he puts them into action. I mean. Whew! Some of the terminology now and again, though, just...no. Pulsing vulva, bulbous or bulging heads in regards to the hero's naughty bits. Totally pulled me out of the scenes.

Seduction Squad had some fun parts but did drag for me and in the end was just an okay read. It also didn't totally follow along with the anthology. There was totally a kidnapping/ dubious consent thing happening but the other two had fun twists in the 'everything isn't what it seems' regard and with this one that was absent. I kept waiting for that 'surprise' moment and turned out all was as it seemed. I'd be willing to try the author again without the expectations the autho set up for me.

In this erotic romance anthology, a sex surrogate is drawn into a relationship with a client she wasn't expecting—and can't resist. Two rugged men show a trespasser just what happens when a good girl breaks the rules. And an experienced agent in seduction is captured by her enemy, who turns her worst fears into her darkest cravings.

*you can buy the anthology as one or each title individually
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