Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Memes! Top Ten Tues/Waiting on Wed--- Authors I've Met or REALLY Want to Meet!

Memes for the day! I've really been having fun putting these together. Hopefully yall are enjoying them, too :) Today is all about meeting authors and totally fan girling. lol 

Top Ten Authors I'm Dying To Meet / Can't Believe I've Met!

Hhhhm I think I'll do a combo! Some I know in real life or have met and some I'd like to meet one day. A couple have some freebies over on Amazon for those interested!

Sabrina Jeffries (reviews | amazon)
She's one of my local ladies so I get to see Sabrina every once in a while. And when not on deadline at book club, too. She's a nut. But a fun nut. lol I love her historicals and have enjoyed getting to know her over the last couple years. 


Erin Knightley (reviews | amazon)
Another local lady and part of my book club (how lucky am I?!)! She's a really awesome and genuine person, too. Very giving and so dang classy! And she's got like the cutest pups in her herd. <3

Ruined by a Rake is free :) (amazon)

Jessica Lemmon (reviews | amazon)
I met Jess a few years ago at a Lori Foster event and she's adorable! I'd just barely started reading her books at that point and was having fun with them. Now I'd fan girl even more since I've read like...a ton of them and am totally smitten like 9 times over. And probably embarrass myself a good bit more. 


Jennifer Lyon/Apodaca (reviews | amazon)
omg I would LOVE to meet Jen. She's one of the authors I work for and a lovely woman with a fondness for pups. She's way on the other side of the country, though. lol 



Jill Shalvis (reviews | amazon)
I've met her once a few years back but would love to run into her again. She's so charming even if public appearances make her a spot nervous. She's a pet person and I totally love that her family fosters. Amazing books, too. I swoon over her heroes all the dang time. 


Patricia Briggs (reviews | amazon)
She came to North Carolina a few years back. I went out to the signing and met Sharon from I Smell Sheep there which was fun. She's an incredible author and such a wonderful storyteller. Same goes for in person. Very gracious and captivating. 


Roni Loren (reviews | amazon)
Ahhh her kinky heroes totally stole my heart. I would love to meet Roni one day at a con. She's a fellow planner junkie so we could totally swap stickers and squee over the latest washi. lol


JD Robb (reviews | amazon)
omg I would do naughty things. I adore her books and would love to meet Nora in person. And see if I could convince her to tell me who the candy bar thief is!

Charlaine Harris (reviews | amazon)
She came to our area a little while back and was just lovely. Very southern in a 'bless your heart' way. She was fun, signed endless books and gave a really good chat.

Lee Child  (amazon)
I've actually never read him but he came to town end of last year and I decided to go to the event and get a signed book for a friend. He was so not what I expected and really made me want to read his books. He was such a character.

Okay.  a bonus ooo I met them! Ilona Andrews (both of them) and Eloisa James came to Cary earlier this year. They were AMAZING. Hilarious and entertaining. Even signed my books outside in the 35 degree weather because Barnes & Nobel sucks and kicked us out. 

Why? It's Jennifer Ashley. Her shifters are my crack. lol 
Lupine Shifter Dimitri has always had to defend himself to other Shifters. As a red wolf, he’s not considered a “pure” wolf, and the battles have honed him into a tough fighter, a champion of the fight clubs. Jaycee Bordeaux, a leopard Shifter, is Dimitri’s staunchest defender and oldest friend. Dimitri is determined to turn that friendship into a mate bond.

Jaycee loves that idea, but she knows that a mate bond can’t be forced. And when Dimitri and Jaycee are called on to go undercover to protect collared Shifters, she knows the dangers ahead will make or break their future together. 

What are YOU waiting for? Have you read Ashley?

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