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Quote-tastic/Review-- Holding Fire (Alpha Security #2) by April Hunt

*pets the cover*

One of my first loves was Rom-Suspense and I've been having fun getting back into it. And been having a blast with April Hunt's Alpha Security series, too! This one. Oh man.

So this first quote. I really just loved the hero and his reactions. You tell her!

"Trust me. I'm nothing special."

"Bull-fucking shit," Trey growled.
And this one. Okay so the hero had done something semi-stupid while they were on the run and nearly died from the cold. I had a chuckle over this little moment. Heroine is a nurse, by the way. 
Elle startled awake, and on their eyes locking, she propped her chin up on her hand. "Are you okay?"

"Never been better." He traced a small circle over the small of her back.

"No heart palpitations? Blurry vision? Muscle weakness?"

"All's perfect." He knew the second she felt his cock brush against her hip. Her eyes widened for a fraction of a second before narrowing into beautiful blue slits.

"You nearly die from hypothermia and that's where all your blood goes?"

He grinned. "It goes to all the vital organs, right? I happen to think my dick's pretty damn vital."

"So you're sure you're okay?"


"Good. Because I'd hate to hurt an injured man." She smacked his chest. Don't you ever do that again."

Trey failed to suppress a chuckle, and she pummeled him with a second half-assed punch. "Jesus. That's some bedside manner."

*pets the sexy alpha operative* just look at all those muscles and tattoos. woo! April Hunt has me hook!

The Set Up:
A wild rebellious streak leads to a hot and heavy one night stand with a stranger in Thailand. And a heroine who was all wham bam, this ma'am is out the damn door. Aaaaand then it turns out her wild hook up...totally the guy who's been hired to keep her safe 24/7 from an unknown threat. Lord. 
The Characters:
I had a fantastic time with Trey and Elle. He rocked the sexy and could be a little growly but had some super sweet tendencies. She was determined to find her independence and some backbone after dealing with some pretty awful men in her life. They were hot together, too. Whew boy! They steamed up the room! They kind of reversed roles--she was totally ready to pull a runner and the big bad operative is ready to settle down and be a one woman guy--which was fun. 
The Suspense:
A little round the world chase, an unknown threat, danger popping up when they least expected it. It kept me on edge and wondering what the full truth was and getting kinda frustrated right along with them when things would go south. It was nicely done.
The Eh:
I did have two little ehs. But they weren't BIG ehs. These two fucked like bunnies! But, man, most of the good stuff would happen off page. Not every time. But they'd get all heat up then BOOM next day. *flails* lol And then towards the end she does something stupid relationship-wise and he's the one to apologize. I really dislike when that happens. 

Yes, please! I'd like another! I'm really loving this Alpha Security team. They're a little rough around the edges and have some pretty funny quirks. I'm so ready to see the next two get their worlds all shook up.

And just a funny note. They have a war room. Which the ladies jokingly start nicknaming and end with the Room of Testosterone. And omg I was like The Testosteroom!!!! It needs to be called the Testosteroom! Alas, it was not. lol 
Alpha Security operative Trey Hanson is ready to settle down. When he meets a gorgeous blonde in a bar, and the connection between them is off the charts, he thinks he's finally found the one. But after their night together ends in a hail of gunfire and she disappears in the chaos, Trey's reasons for tracking her down are personal . . . until he learns she's his next assignment.

Elle Monroe never expected to see Trey again. The night they shared was incredible, but the last thing she's looking for is a relationship. Now that it's clear she's being targeted, though, she has no choice but to trust this man she barely knows with her life. And Trey's not just determined to keep her safe . . . he's determined to win her heart.

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