Friday, March 31, 2017

The Monthly Herd-- March 2017-- food, reading, herding. busy month!

Yall. I am just not okay with how fast this year is going. lol March was a blur! But not a bad blur. It was a pretty good month as Casa Herding Kitties. 

On the blog front. Erm. I finally de-Christmased. <grins> I'm still messing around but for now we're blue. I'm still a little shocked by it every time I log into the blog. Ha! We did Blog Ahead earlier this month and it went well on my end. I got a lot done at least :) And the next Support the Troops Auction is now open for donations if you'd like to add an item to the donation list!

On the hope front. I'm remodeling my bathroom. I'm hoping to be done next week. But new floor, putting in wainscoting, painting, new art, drapes. The whole bit. I'm loving it so far. But it's kept me busy since I'm doing it all myself. Ergs!

Other than that. I've been getting into art more with my planner and lettering. Yall that follow on FB or Instagram know that. It's been nice getting back to that creative part of me. I've done a lot less reading in March but read some great books. Did a LOT of cooking and had some vet appointments-- everyone's fine just starting their annuals. I think that's about it. A good month but busy :)  

Full list of goals: HERE

Well. I'm goaling. lol 
  • I got rid of one blogger shame book *yay*
  • I'm working on the house-- Bathroom remodel in progress
  • Make things more herd friendly-- I bought them some new beds they LOVE and some scratchers. Put a couple things on order that'll arrive the next couple months. I think they'll be happy.
  • Tried 7 new recipes-- Cauliflower/Lentil Dal, Green Gnocchi, Gnocchi Skillet, Sweet Potato Soup, Flat Bread Fattoush, Tortilla Soup, Green Farro bowl

My motto for the year is Less Is More.

I'm still working on this. I love to shop. Which is a problem. lol
I'm trying to think before I purchase and bring less in. I got rid of a few things but not much. I have finished going through blogs, FB, etc and unliking/unfollowing which has been nice.

Just changes to the blog graphics!
I'm going for a bit lighter and spring-ish.
Hopefully I'll finish up the tweaks this next week.

We're hosting our 3rd Support the Troops Auction to benefit the USO-NC!!
Aaaand the donation form is open!
If you're a BLOGGER or AUTHOR and would like to donate an item to the event please click through and fill out the donation form!

Also! If you feel like sharing in your blogger, author or reader groups or pagesthat would be greatly appreciated!

The A to Z challenge starts...tomorrow! *gasp*
Each day (Mon-Sat) I'll be sharing photos from around my house and stories about the items.

Spring into Romance giveaway starts in just a couple days, too!
There are a lot of giveaways so stop by all the blogs!

Total Reviews: 15
New to Me Authors: 7
Favorite Read:  A Small Town Bride-- It just really surprised me

Insta-Wednesday (Week 1) (Week 2)

I've been exploring a lot with food and trying new things thanks to HelloFresh. Absolutely delicious! Plus one from a FB video. All so good.

New Things-- Za'atar spice blend, roasted chickpeas

Flatbread Fattoush-- this was really tasty. New to me spices I've since purchased. Noms!

Pierogi Lasagna-- carb hell but delicious!

Chickpea Tacos-- these were AMAZING!

Aaaaand that's March! Did you have a favorite post from the month?
How was YOUR March?

If you do a monthly recap add it to the comments!

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