Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Insta-Wednesday: BabyG, Lettering, Pretty Books & Bujo!

Because I love Instagram and fun pictures. The Herd's week ala Instagram :)

Goodness. I might need to start doing these on a weekly basis now that I'm back into the swing of Instagram.

Aaaaand nap. She's done for the day. #BabyG #itsacatslife #catnap

Getting ready for the week and start of Blog Ahead!

If you ever wanna know what Hell feels like... 
#FleaMedDay #NailTrimsToo #PrayForMe

This is how we #blog. lol

It took 54 days for them to arrive but loving my mildliners. Mo loves them, too. #howweblog #cats #officesupplies #ItsTheMo #catmom #instacat

#CarolinaSkies #nofilter #outandabout

Lol #BabyG has literally been on her donut pillow all day. 430pm was her first time getting up. This is as far as she got. Stretched, turned around, got back on her donut. It's exhausting being a kitten.

Beauty #CarolinaSkies #nofilter

Catching up on my Feb Instagram challenges. Soooooo 2 had 50 Shades prompts. I figured I'd share some I think should be read INSTEAD of 50. Because, really, 50 is just a big ol hell no here. So some erotic and BDSM that's seriously amazing and will leave you panting for more. 

My February haul. Have read a few already and omg so good!


Bad choices were made. Regrets. There are regrets. 
#HeWentOnAnAdventure #AndThenToTheVet 
His little semi-nekkid self is full of catitude. Or maybe yawns. 

I'm doing a #handlettering challenge for March. I'm still pretty new. This was done using mildliners and a little finger smudging to blend the colors a little. 

I hate Os. That is all. lol Done using a Tombow Dual Tip Brush pen. 

Adventures I'd go on... I love this series from Evanovich. It's such silly fun and a paranormal treasure hunt of sorts. I'd totally spend time with Diesel. And a historical adventure with Barton's characters would be amazing. This was a lovely romance and the clothes...I'd do naughty things for them. 

Just wanted to show some of the practice attempts made before I get a pretty word. There are a lot of mess ups and redos. So if you're really wanting to try don't let nerves or lack of confidence get in your way. You'll have some real sucky attempts just like the rest of us. And some letters can be real frustrating but it's definitely fun seeing the progress. If you can't tell. I love B's and hate Os with a passion. lol 

Weekend reading and a spot of ginger peach tea. #marchintoreads book spines...

Fantasy was one of my first loves when I started reading. Way before the blog kicked off. I don't read urban fantasy as often these days but I do have a couple auto-buys that have me dropping everything. Patricia Briggs, Ilona Andrews and GA Aiken (Shelly Laurenston) though those lean a little more towards PNR. All amazing series with depth, stunning stories and characters that'll hold you captive. Have you picked up any of these series? Have any fantasy recs? 

Tried a little water blending with my Tombow Dual Tips for this one. 

Daffodils. I think. Lol #DomesticGoddessFail for not knowing. 
(it was confirmed that, yes, daffodils lol)
Done using Artist's Loft Dual Tip Pens. First time using them and omg I'm in love. Got this in one take and seriously look at that O!!! 
It's fucking GORGEOUS!

At least some bunny loves me... 


That first bite of chocolate when you've been denied for too long. lol Done using Artist's Loft Watercolor Dual Tips and blending. Blending actually worked! Woo! Euphoria was done using one pen.

Flowing along... #marchintolettering

When you take a nap and wake up decorated...

Definitely one of my most anticipated March releases. Adam and Mercy are amazing and lordy but Briggs is an incredible and captivating writer. Have you read the series? Have a favorite? #marchbookstagram

Getting reading for the new week. My first time bujo-ing. And with blending colors. I pulled elements from Pinterest and am really happy with how it turned out!

Catitude. Yeah we definitely know catitude here. lol 

I match babyg! almost. Got a nailpolish delivery from a blogger friend :)

Dedication page for my current. Anyone guess the read? 

If you do a photo post on your blog or FB feel free to link yourself in :)
Or just add a photo you took this week to the comments!

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