Saturday, March 25, 2017

Randomly Random--- Eyebrow Raising Items In Your House (with no explanation)

A 3am musing from a while back, today. So, I'd been watching Blue Bloods and the chick cop was all tickled by some random things they found in a vics apartment and her partner was like dude! what weirdness would people find if they walked in YOUR house right now?

And she was like...something in the DVD player I'd rather no one know about.

And he perks up!

And she's like...the little mermaid.


But, seriously, I woke up at 249am and was like, well shit! I've got some real weird stuff in my house, too. So. Things you'd find here that might raise an eyebrow if you randomly visited and I couldn't explain myself....
1! Cats in Clothes. A herd of them. In ball gowns. And winter jackets. And sometimes leggings. 

2! California Raisins posed in random places in random rooms

3! 300 unused tubes of chapstick with a major flub.

4! Knee pads attached to the headboard

5! A hanging plant in the bathtub.

6! A Christmas tree with a fallen Angel. In March. 

Yes. Just a few for today. I'm sure there are others. lol

So. What crazy odd things would people find in YOUR house? And remember...NO EXPLANATIONS! Just tell us the items! (or add a pic to your comment!) lol

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