Friday, December 13, 2013

4.5 stars! A Cowboy for Christmas by Cat Johnson

Casey Harrington will never forget that the Christmas she turned 8 years old she got an Easy Bake Oven instead of the Cowboy Cody doll she’d begged Santa for. It’s a disappointment that shaped her life. Now, twenty years later, she is a high-powered marketing executive living and working in NYC, who can’t cook, doesn’t want to, and has a strange obsession with all things cowboy related. A job offer too good to be true brings her to a Colorado ranch where she is instructed by her new boss to learn the Western lifestyle from Bonner Blue Boyd, ranch manager and living personification of her childhood crush Cowboy Cody.

Bonner doesn’t know what to do with this city girl on the ranch, particularly since he expected “Casey” to be a man. He fights his attraction to her for as long as any man could, and even when he gives in and the sparks fly, both know it could never work for the long run. She’s city and he’s country. To be together either she has to sacrifice the world she’s always known or he does. What they need is a miracle…luckily it’s the right season for those.

Type: Contemporary Romance
Heat: 4 out of 5 (there's some backdoor action)
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Cowboys and Christmas. *thud* Seriously, cowboys and Christmas. I'm a freaking gonner. Adding in humor, all kinds of sexy and amazing characters? It just all made for a damn fine read that kept me smiling, had me squirming and tearing up a couple times too. Doesn't get much better than that.

The gist is that Casey has always wanted a cowboy of her very own (damn, girl, I can so relate!) And finally after 28 years of waiting she's getting the chance of a lifetime when she finds out her favorite western story is looking for a new marketing executive. All she's gotta do is spend one week on the family ranch learning about the heart of the operation from it's sexy as sin head cowboy who's not all that thrilled about having to babysit a city-slicker. Even if certain bits of him are standing right on up and panting in her direction. And she's panting right on back.
Yup. The best way to absorb the cowboy lifestyle was to just jump right into it... or on top of one. Casey smiled.

Bonner and Casey were fantastic. They're both hard workers and good at what they do and have so much passion in them and the chemistry, damn, they could heat up the fucking sheets. Things get hot and heavy early on (there's some backdoor action--just a heads up) despite their attempts to remain professional and resist--and it was fan yourself hot. They definitely put their week together to good use--teasing, exploring and just getting to know each other. It was so fun to watching Casey navigate through live on the ranch and then later on seeing cowboy Bonner visiting the big city.

A Cowboy for Christmas was the perfect holiday treat and left me completely smitten with Bonner, Casey and the people surrounding them. I chuckled quite a few times and damn Johnson surprised me and had me in tears a couple times too as Bonner and Casey showed their vulnerabilities, found love and helped each other through the twists life through at them.

Have you read Johnson? Have a favorite cowboy romance?

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