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Quote-tastic (31)-- Hijacked by Gina L Maxwell + giveaway!

We're welcoming Gina Maxwell today! She's hijacking our weekly Quote-tastic and bringing some sexy from the Fighting for Love series (which is amazing!) Check out one of her favorite quotes and give her some comment love!  ~Anna

Seducing Cinderella
Rules of Entanglement

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I chose this section of Fighting for Irish because the last few lines always make me laugh. Irish (Aiden) is much different than his smooth-talking buddies from Seducing Cinderella and Rules of Entanglement. In fact, he’s not much of a talker at all, especially in the beginning whenever he’s around Kat. He’s gritty, covered in tattoos, and sports several piercings. Most people were intimidated just by looking at him. But Kat MacGregor isn’t most people.

In this particular scene, Kat is berating him for constantly interfering every time a customer gets a little handsy with her. As a waitress in a backwoods swamp bar, putting up with a certain amount of pawing from the drunks meant decent tips. Irish was screwing with her bottom line so she followed him out to the parking lot where he’d just led another one of her customers out in a head lock.

So here we are, in Irish’s head, standing face to face with a pissed off redhead in a gravel parking lot. Poor Irish. ;) Enjoy…     ~Gina Maxwell

“Are you listening to me?” she asked. “I want you to back off.”

Like hell he would. “Can’t.”

“What do you mean you can’t?”

He couldn’t tell her that any more than he could back off like she wanted. Couldn’t tell her that his reason for leaving his home on the South side of Boston for Bumfuck Nowhere had started out as a favor owed to a friend and ended up as something else entirely. That from the moment he saw her, his promise to make sure she was okay for her sister’s peace of mind came second to his own inexplicable need to watch over her. To protect her.

Fighting the urge to pull her into his arms and chase away the ghosts he saw in her eyes, Aiden shoved his hands in his jeans pockets. “As long as I’m around, no one touches you without an invitation.” Unable to help himself, he lowered his head and whispered in her ear. “No one.”

She jerked back with a barely audible hitch of breath. A flash of something he couldn’t identify crossed her face and then she darted back inside.

After that she never spoke to him again other than a quick thank you with her eyes whenever he helped her. Non-verbal communication was fine with him, so he always responded with a look of his own, hoping it said you’re welcome and not goddamn you’re gorgeous or I’d give anything to bury myself between your legs. Since she hadn’t hauled off and kicked him in the junk yet, he figured he’d done okay so far.

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