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Guest Post w/ Jessica Lemmon & Shane August-- The Perfect Mistletoe Kiss + giveaway!

Woot! We've got Jessica Lemmon & Shane August stopping by the blog today to heat things up! Check out the "Perfect Mistletoe Kiss" and leave them some love.    ~Anna

Tempting the Billionaire
Hard to Handle

Crickitt Day needs a job . . . any job. After her husband walks out on her, she's determined to re-build her life and establish a new career. When swoon-worthy billionaire Shane August hires her as his assistant, she jumps at the chance to prove herself. Despite her growing attraction to her boss, she vows to keep things strictly professional. No flirting. No kissing. Definitely no falling in love...

Shane August is all business, all the time. He's a self-made man who's poured his heart and soul into his company, and he'd never allow himself to get involved with an employee. Then he hires sweet, sexy Crickitt-and he can't keep his mind or his hands off her. But no matter how much he wants Crickitt, Shane fears that painful secrets from his past will always come between them. With fate working against them, can these two lonely hearts learn that sometimes mixing business with pleasure is the perfect merger?

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Shane August’s Perfect Mistletoe Kiss

Hi everyone! In celebration of Tempting the Billionaire being released in print, I asked my tall, dark, sexy CEO and billionaire, hero Shane August to describe his perfect mistletoe kiss. He’s agreed to give us a very special holiday treat this year. A little peek into what he likes. Okay, Shane, take it away!

Thank you, Ms. Lemmon. *wry grin*

With the holiday season fast approaching, I’ve been asked to describe my perfect mistletoe kiss. I have one, by the way. And it has five steps. Ready for them? Well, pucker up, here we go.
1) Eye contact. If you want me to kiss you, I want to see that you want me to. After you notice the mistletoe overhead, make sure you look me in the eyes.
2) Lick your lips. I don’t care if you’re wearing sparkly lipgloss, fire engine red lipstick, or nude lip balm. I want to know you’re ready and licking your lips will give me permission to dive in.
3) Hands on. By now, I’ll have sifted my fingers through your hair, or if it’s short or pulled into one of those fancy twists you ladies are so fond of, I’ll palm your neck. Let me. I want to pull you closer.
4) Body contact. Just a brush. Chest against chest, thigh against thigh. Come close enough to let me know you’re all in.
5) The kiss. Lips. Tongue. Teeth. You guide me. The key to a perfect mistletoe kiss is to give your partner just what she wants. But kisser beware, once I know what you want, I will take the lead. *wink*
Wishing you incredible kisses this holiday season.

Jessica, here. Again. *fans self* I hope you enjoyed that… *slides glance over to Shane* …incredibly descriptive top five. While he’s smiling and looking smug, and okay I’ll admit it, quite delicious, I want to know if he missed anything. Yes, that’s right Mr. August, you are not perfect and five is a small list.

                                                           ~Jessica Lemmon

What do you think?
 If you ended up under the mistletoe with Shane this Christmas, would his kiss check off your list?

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Check out Jessica & Shane's AFTH guest post and leave them some comment love!
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