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Tasty Delights-- Red Velvet Candy Cane Trifle

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So, I saw this pin on Pinterest. lol Lordy but they get me every single time! 
It looked SO good and I knew I had to try it. But the recipe wasn't quite for me so I tweaked a bit and came up with this one :)

First step...chop up about half a bag of candy cane Hershey's Kisses. 
And maybe pilfer one or two. Or, erm, 12 along the way. Gah, they're good!

Mix your chopped up kisses into the cake batter and bake according to box directions. 
I'd recommend lining your baking pan with aluminum foil and spraying it with baking spray.

While cake is baking mix up your pudding. I went with plain vanilla but you can use any flavor.
The original called for cheesecake flavored pudding.
Allow pudding to set completely then combine with thawed whipped topping and vanilla extract.
Refrigerate until ready to use.

Chop up those candy canes! It took about 2/3rds of the bag of mini canes.

Make sure they're chopped finely so they aren't too hard on teeth.

After cake has completely cooled assemble your trifle! 
Cake, pudding, candy canes, cake, pudding, candy canes.
You need to do this *RIGHT* before serving. 
The candy canes will bleed color as they sit and turn your pudding a pink color lol

Do you have a favorite trifle combo?

Red Velvet Candy Cane Trifle Recipe
One box red velvet cake mix
One 6 1/2 cup box vanilla pudding (or any other flavor)
One tub thawed whipped topping
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 box mini candy canes
1/2 bag candy cane flavored Hershey's kisses--chopped
  • Prepare cake mix following package instructions, add in chopped Hershey's kisses and then pour into an aluminum lined baking pan and bake according to package directions.
  • Allow to cool completely
  • Prepare pudding according to package directions and allow to set completely
  • Once pudding has set fold in thawed whipped topping and 1 teaspoon vanilla then refrigerate
  • Crush candy canes using a blender
  • Prepare trifle and serve immediately. Layer cake, pudding, candy canes, cake, pudding candy canes. 
  • You can decorate the top of the trifle with your extra mini candy canes that weren't crushed and the extra Hershey's kisses

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