Tuesday, December 31, 2013

~~**}} VIRGINS & ROMANCE! {{**~~ Yep! I'm asking about Virginity! Pls RT!

Yep! I'm asking about Virginity!!

In Romance Books, with Heroines and Heroes and You!

A couple comments got me curious about characters that are virgins and the reality of it. So I'm asking yall to chime in and fill out this quick survey. It's completely anonymous and will only take a couple minutes at most. 

I'm shooting for 500 replies and am at about 225 right now. And yall have been amazing! I've laughed with some of yall (yall have such good humor over this) and teared up at a few replies as well. Men yall can answer too! A few already have!! 

Results will be compiled into a post for January! I think yall will be really surprised by what people are saying!

Thanks so much for participating. And if you can please share this with your friends, with readers you know and if you have fan pages I'd be eternally grateful if yall shared it as well. You can find the original FB post HERE if you'd like to share that. 

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