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His By Christmas (Hamilton Sisters #5) by Kaitlin O'Riley

She's all he wants this holiday season...

Yvette Hamilton knows just what she wants for Christmas—a dazzling marriage. And if marrying the ton's catch at the height of the Yuletide season is how she can prove herself, she'll be the most respectable of the many ladies competing for his hand. But one accomplished rake has other, much more tempting ideas…

The illegitimate son of a duke, Lord Jeffrey Eddington knows society will never truly respect him. He thought he'd found acceptance as a friend of the Hamiltons, but Yvette's seeming snobbery makes him wager to win her hand no matter what it takes. Too late, he finds her frivolity conceals an intelligent, appealing woman. Now they face a hard choice between the holiday dreams they think they want most…and the very real love they can't resist.

Type: Historical Romance
Heat: 2.5 out of 5 (but very little)
Rating: 3.5

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Yes, yes, I am a Christmas book junkie. I love em. And oh there were so many romantically make-a-girl-happy bits about His By Christmas. Christmastime! Woot! The whole friends to lovers set up which I adore. Men being men and :facepalm: making stupid bets *shakes head* leading to some drama. It was a pretty good time as Yvette, wanting to make her family proud, sets her sights on snagging a future Duke and gets a bit derailed when a dear family friend, Jeffrey, is asked to watch over her while her family travels and sparks start flying.

I enjoyed His By Christmas and really liked Jeffrey and Yvette together. They've known each other for years and years and he's practically a member of her large family and there's a closeness because of that that I just loved. They're sweet and comfortable and I couldn't help a wistful little smile whenever they were together just the two of them. Things are very, very tame until right towards the end but there are some nice intimate moments as he's there for her during a family emergency that made up for it I thought.
Feeling guilty she'd taken up Jeffrey's entire evening, she looked up at him. "You don't have to stay with me any longer, Jeffrey. You've been so wonderful to me, but I think I'll be fine now. You can go home."

"You are my home. I'm not leaving until you go to sleep."
Okay, so I had a couple quibbles. The big one was that one of the secondary characters, the future Duke who was wooing Yvette and who she planned on marrying, was hurt because of Jeffery and Yvette coming together. It had to happen to get them together but dragged out for too long with him falling in love with her as well and really that bothered me. It also kind of rubbed wrong that everyone just dismissed Lord Shelley and his feeling so easily when he'd done nothing wrong and really didn't deserve to be treated as he was. It just. It really bothered me quite a bit. And that's my little rant. If not for that I probably would have rated this higher.

Other than that and being a bit predictable His By Christmas was a sweet and touching Christmas romance and scratched my Christmas itch nicely. I'll be going back at some point to check out the rest of the series and see how her sisters found their mates.

Have you read O'Riley? What did you think? 
Do you have a favorite friends to lovers or Christmas story?

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