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Guest Post w/ Sophie Barnes--3 truths & a lie about Lady Rebecca + giveaway!

Morning lovelies! We've got Sophie Barnes joining us today with a fun post about her latest heroine Lady Rebecca. See if you can guess which fun fact about Rebecca is a lie and which are the truths! There's a great giveaway going as well so check that out at the end! ~Anna

The Trouble with Being a Duke
Lady Rebecca is determined to find a husband on her own terms, rather than marry any of the aging suitors her greedy aunt and uncle foist upon her. Her chance comes at the Kingsborough Ball, where she meets several potential grooms…yet no one compares to the dangerously handsome Daniel Neville.

Daniel Neville, notorious rake and heir to the Marquis of Wolvington, is in need of a bride, but finding a lady who’s willing to accept his past, is an entirely different matter. When he spies a stunning woman across the ballroom, Daniel believes he’s found her…until scandal erupts around them. How can he convince Rebecca to take a chance on him…and on the love that could be theirs forever after?

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3 truths and 1 lie about Lady Rebecca

1. She can recite several plays by Shakespeare.

2. When she was little, she used to love sneaking into the kitchen and getting treats from the cook.

3. She can whistle Bach’s Ave Maria to perfection.

4. She has been declared mad by a proper physician.

Lie: She can whistle Bach’s Ave Maria to perfection. The truth is that Rebecca is completely tone deaf, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy whistling. On the contrary, Daniel is afforded a somewhat torturous display of her abilities while he and Rebecca are riding toward Gretna Green, though he’s good enough to label the experience as an ‘interesting’ one. I love adding quirks to my characters, especially since I do believe that sharing imperfections can be instrumental in bringing people closer together, not only in writing, but in real life as well.

Truths: Rebecca loves Shakespeare’s comedies, her favorite play being Twelfth Night. This was the first play by Shakespeare I ever read – it was selected for my literature class when I was fourteen and I instantly loved it, perhaps because I’d always envisioned Shakespeare’s plays as serious, dramatic and impossible to understand. Twelfth Night was the perfect introduction to Shakespeare since it completely altered my opinion and made me fall in love with the playwright. For those interested, there’s an enjoyable film version from 1996 starring Helena Bonham Carter, who, by the way, is one of my favorite British actresses.

Rebecca does have a penchant for freshly baked bread, so it was often the scent that would tempt her. At Roselyn Castle, she visited the kitchen only once, during which she accidentally knocked over a bucket of water. The incident resulted in Rebecca getting sent to bed without supper by her aunt – the first indication of the sort of treatment she would soon come to expect from her hateful guardian.

Extreme situations can at times only be solved by applying extreme measures. Since Rebecca is the creative and adventurous sort whose optimistic spirit can be difficult to quash, she decided to fool her aunt and uncle into thinking she’d gone mad after taking a dangerous fall during a ride. The ploy was a determined effort on Rebecca’s part to avoid getting married off to one of the suitors her aunt and uncle had chosen for her – a doddering old earl and a lecherous old duke. It worked for a couple of years, until Rebecca decides to risk discovery by attending the Kingsborough Ball – her one chance at finding a match on her own terms. Unfortunately she gets shot in the process, effectively putting an end to her charade as her aunt and uncle discover the truth about her. Thankfully, Daniel Neville will soon come to her rescue, but to find out how he manages it, you’ll just have to read the book. However I can tell you that it involves a long ladder, an oversized wardrobe and a bit of cunning distraction =)
                                                                       ~Sophie Barnes

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