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Interview w/ Bella Andre-- does she tinsel?! + giveaway!

We've got Bella Andre joining us today! She writes amazing and sexy contemporary romances about the Sullivan family that is just *thud* lickable. Best damn heroes. Whew! Check out our chat and leave her some love!   ~Anna

In Bella’s sexy, emotional and funny contemporary romance series, each member of the Sullivan family will eventually find true love…usually where he or she least expects it.

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Ahhhh *girly squee* Hi Bella! Thanks so much for joining us today. Gotta say I am totally freaking smitten with your Sullivan's. They are just so blasted sexy. Every one of them. Whew! *fans self*

Thanks so much for having me Anna!
Alright, so, can ya tell us 4 fun behind the scenes facts about the Sullivan family's series? We love a bit of gossip in the morning. lol
  • I only planned to write about the 8 San Francisco Sullivans at first, but by the time I got to book 5 both me and my readers started freaking out about the series ending too soon. That's when I realized they had lots of cousins in Seattle, Maine and NYC, of course! :)
  • I really love pondering what each of my hero's "special thing" is...and by that, I mean, what does he do with the woman he loves between the sheets that makes him unique. :)
  • I tend to listen to one or two songs on repeat while writing each book. Yes, that means I listen to the same song all day for 3 months...that's not weird, is it?
  • My husband has helped me out of some pretty big plot holes with some of the books...and he helped me figure out one of my favorite scenes (in LET ME BE THE ONE the morning after Vicki and Ryan finally sleep together). 
Woot! Yay for the hubs! lol Now, I know it's kinda mean to ask but... who's your favorite of the guys? And why? My favorite is Gabe-- I'd do some very, very bad things for that man lol ;)
Honestly, I can't pick a favorite. I love them all. With that said, I tend to be pretty partial to the one I'm currently writing. Which means, I kind of have a MAJOR thing for Ian Sullivan (the oldest Seattle Sullivan) right now. His book -- JUST TO BE WITH YOU -- will be out Spring 2014.
OOo. Can't wait! Love the name Ian. So, when you're not hanging with the Sullivan clan what kind of things do you love to get up to?
I love to hike and swim and travel and hang with my husband and kids and friends.
Nice. Alright a couple quickies...

All time favorite man candy? Feel free to include a picture ;)
Not all time favorite, but you know who I think is cute right now? Sam Claflin -- preferably with the long hair cropped shorter again.
Garden gnomes or pink flamingos? 

Favorite Christmas tradition? 

My kids hanging ornaments on the tree.
Favorite Christmas treat? 

Peppermint chocolate bars.
Real or fake tree? And do you tinsel? 
Real, and yes on the tinsel! 
Real here too but tinsel free because as cute as the herd is they just aren't smart enough not to eat it. lol Well, thanks again for dropping by for a visit Bella! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

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