Sunday, December 8, 2013

Quote-tastic (32)-- Men are just... they're...special.

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Okay, so I read Reaver this week and loved it. The secondary characters were just amazing. This is between two of them--Revanant and Dr Blaspheme who he's trying to get info about a patient from-- and damn they made me snort. I loved Revanant who plays for the evil side of things in the book. He' interesting one. I just liked being in his head whenever he'd pop up. He likes order and has a dry sense of humor and well, sometimes just rocks the inappropriate...
"Answer," he repeated. 

"I neither work for you nor am I mated to you, so I don't have to respond to your rudeness. And if I was mated to you, I'd respond with a blade to your balls. So I repeat, fuck off."

He got hard. Brutally, painfully hard. He could so easily imagine this hellcat in his dungeon, her wrists bound with silk, her skin pink from his leather lash as she submitted to him in every way he asked her to.

"What species are you?"

She stiffened as if he'd offended her. "I'm a False Angel. Not that it's any of your business."

False Angel? Odd. She didn't read like one. Didn't act like one. False Angels were known for their teasing, seductive natures and malicious tricks. Not to mention their sex drives. This female should be creaming herself over him, drawn to his darkness and his power.

Time to try another approach. "If you answer my question, I'll let you suck my cock."

Mostly, he was testing her with his crude suggestion. Mostly. If she wanted to give him a blow job, he wouldn't object. He'd tell her exactly how to do it. How to lick him from his balls to his crown. How to swallow him deep and hum on the backstroke. How to use her teeth to balance pleasure and pain.

He shivered with the exciting possibilities. 

"Really?" Clapping in exaggerated delight, she gave him the most superficial smile he'd ever seen. "You'll let me put a total stranger's piss hose in my mouth while my knees scream in agony on the hard floor? Right here in front of everyone? Gosh, such a hard thing to pass up. But you know, I'd rather eat Ebola pudding than let your sad little dick near me."She wiggled her fingers as she slipped past him. "Toodles."

Oh, he needed to tap that.

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