Thursday, December 26, 2013

Cat Thursday-- minions, collectin' them...

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Bwaha yes this is the herd. Santa has come and now they can be naughty again.

I wasn't sure if I was going to share this on the blog or not but decided I wanted to honor our little Holly who was a cutie but definitely would have had minions if she thought she could get away with it. 

I kept pretty quiet about our loss on Facebook, etc over the last couple days because I didn't want to bring sadness to Christmas and just need a place to escape from our loss. I'm so glad I had blog stuff to keep me busy and distracted for a while. It really saved me I think to have somewhere to escape to. But I wanted to share with yall since I know you'll understand. The afternoon before Christmas our Holly passed away. She was only 5 and it was very sudden. 

She was one of the girlies I adopted when Baby G was a bottle baby and needed playmates. Holly and her sister Cypress were the only ones left out of their 6 siblings to not get adopted and they fit the herd so I officially adopted them. She was a wonderful little girl. She had a nursing blanket that she snuggled and nursed on to this day. She was very serious about it too. She loved to play and snuggle with the older kitties. And she LOVED her Friskies wet food. The house has seemed very empty without her the last two days. We've done lots of snuggling with the herd and her sister which has helped. It's one of those hard reminders to cherish every single day because you just never know what will happen. I never would have thought we'd lose her so young. So give your herd babies some extra snuggles tonight for us.   ~Anna and the herd.

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