Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Captured Innocence (CSA Case Files #1) by Kennedy Layne

When former Marine, Connor Ortega, was ordered into the offices of Crest Security Agency on a Saturday morning, he didn't expect the latest case to hit so close to home. A submissive has been murdered in a particularly vicious manner and to bring her killer to justice, he must go undercover. Not hard to do considering he's already part of the BDSM lifestyle.

Lauren Bailey, a local vendor of bejeweled erotic implements, lives vicariously through her clients due to her fear of bondage. When Connor's dominant side can't resist trying to ease her anxieties, she accepts his proposal and agrees to one stipulation...keep things casual.

When the killer sets his sights on Lauren, Connor is forced to rethink their relationship. He has the training it takes to catch a murdered, but does he have the courage to escape his inner demons and capture Lauren's heart?

Type: Erotic Romance-Suspense
Heat: 3.5 out of 5
Rating: 4 out of 5

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Well Captured Innocence was pretty dang fun and a fab balance of erotic elements, romance and suspense that kept me on my toes and curious as Connor tries to track down a killer that's hit the BDSM community.
  • I liked the characters. Connor's pretty dang sexy and has a nice bit of dom in him *squeals in delight* though he wasn't TOO forceful with it. He's got some trust issues but pretty dang warranted. I was loving him and would totally give a lick. *nods*
  • And Lauren's a good one too. She decorates sex toys! Woots! I mean. How effing fun is that?! She's curious about the lifestyle but is too scared to actually take that step so stays on the outside fringe of the community.  I didn't always love her reactions and thoughts but she was still a good heroine even if she pushed too much for changing things now and again.
  • There's some nice sexing happening and some great heat though it's fairly light BDSM overall. Still had me fanning myself ;) There was some very funny dirty talk that omg would have made me bust out laughing in real life because..dude, really now? ::snort:: Heh But it was a good time. 
  • Murders and muggings lead to a weekend snowed in together during a winter storm and whew yeah they really did heat things up. Dealing with her bondage issues that stem from childhood. I love the whole snowed in together thing. Gah but it totally works for me.
  • The suspense was nicely done. I liked the investigation and watching things develop. Might have even been a little surprised here and there which is always great. 
All in all, Captured Innocence was a BDSM-y good time. I'm definitely curious about Connor's other teammates and ready to see what goes down with all of them.


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