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Quote-tastic/Review--I'm dying! *pants, puffs* dying! --Brash by Laura Wright

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Ahhh the Cavanaugh brothers. Yum and Yay! I've been loving this series so much with it's romance and mystery and, well, cowboys. This one wasn't too hot but it was damn good. And had some funny moments. I totally cracked up at this one. Grace? I totally got this chick. I'd be right there with her puffing away. lol

"I'm not kidding when I say I'm going to have a heart attack," Grace said, panting and sweaty as they headed into the second mile. 

Annoyingly dry, his breathing unlabored, Cole jogged beside her. "No you're not."

"You don't know my medical history, Cole!"

"True, but I've seen you engage in other forms of exercise where heavy breathing is involved. You sailed right through it. I'm thinking it's not the exercise, but the type of exercise. Or even better, the reward."

She faux glared at him. "Can I once again say you have a perverted mind?"

"I don't know," he said on a grin. "Can you say it again?"

She tossed him a snarl. "I hate you."

He grinned back. "No, you don't."

"I want to beat you with a stick."

"Mmmm...I might let you."

"Perverted!" she cried out just as they hit Main Street. "Oh my God." Grace stopped, folded over, and just tried to pull in air and not feel like she might explode from the inside out. Oh, stopping was so good. Fantastic. The best ever.

She felt Cole's hand on her back. "You didn't have to do this."

"You asked me to go jogging with you," she managed to get out.

"You could've said no."

She glanced up. "And let you think I'm an out-of-shape wimp? Absolutely not. Better to show you that firsthand." 
Brash (The Cavanaugh Brothers #3) by Laura Wright 
Rating: 4 out of 5    Heat: 2.5 out of 5

Mystery, family drama, cowboys, fighters, enemies to lovers (dude there's even a restraining order) and a basset hound. You know you're curious *winks*

The quick of it is that Cole and his brothers lost their sister years ago and they've been trying to find out what really happened to her and Cole is certain Grace--the town's vet--is key in figuring it all out seeing as how her father was the Sheriff at the time. And Cole has to find the truth about his twin sister even if it means working with the luscious Grace who really isn't his biggest fan and who is determined to protect her ailing father and his good name. 

Bwaha these two. They get off to a devil of a start with him snooping, her getting a restraining order because of said snooping and frustrating the hell out of each other and turning each other on all at the same time. Brash definitely applied to both-- gah but they're mouthy and blunt--and it made for some pretty entertaining moments between them as they head off and get to know each other day by day while uncovering clues. I had a good time with both. She's got the nurturing and caring with a side of backbone happening and Cole's broken, harsh, lacks some smooth but still manages to be sexy and endearing at the same time. Was definitely on board with these two. 

They were hot together but heat-wise there's very little sexing happening since Cole was training for a fight and that nookie. Ahhhh poor sexually frustrated fighter. And poor Grace! Though things were yummy once they kicked off. Even if I ended up gritting my teeth on some unsafe sex happening. They were good together though and pulled out some nice sides to each other.

Then there was the mystery. Wright knows how to tease and torture a girl. It kept me flipping pages, frustrated right along with the guys and having that dread-desire feeling to finally know the truth. It really is best this series be read in order since each book brings some answers and a ton more questions into Cass's death as the guys dig for the truth.

All in all, Laura Wright continues to kick ass. To pull together romance, passion, mystery and create an amazing experience that leaves you satisfied and craving more at the same time. If you haven't met the Cavanaugh brothers need to ASAP.

**okay one thing. The cover is hot. But he's not really a cowboy. His family owns a ranch but Cole is NOT into it and is a fighter. So fits with the rest of the covers for the series but so nothing to do with Cole other than the tats and short hair and being anti-shirt***


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