Saturday, March 21, 2015

Word from the Herd: Accepting books you wouldn't buy...

So. This week isn't really a typical Word from the Herd. There's no rant. No big issue. Just a curiosity on where people fall on this.

A few times lately I've had other bloggers or reviewers say things along the lines of the only reason they read/reviewed something was because they got it for review or it was on NG but they'd never consider buying it otherwise.

A lot of times this revolves around serial books. Not series but, you know, the books that are broken up and doled out a few chapters at a time. So being told by someone they don't like the serial trend but it was on NG so they'll read it since it's free.

And it got me curious.

In some ways this sits a little wrong with me. But in others not really. So I don't know.

I try to only take on books for review that I would actually consider buying--not saying once I've finished reading it I'd have the same opinion--but if I accept it it's one I'd not have a problem spending my own money on to read.

It's always hit me a bit off to accept something for review I'd never consider buying myself only to then turn around and say to my readers they should spend their money on it even though I'd personally not buy it. But there have been a handful that landed with me for whatever reason I probably wouldn't have bought--ex ones sent for review consideration that have horrid covers or whatnot. I personally would NEVER buy a serial 'book' so they aren't ones I'll take on for review because to me that just seem right to me somehow.

But on that other hand. There are readers who like all types of reads and would like to see those books or get a head up on them. So it can be a good thing too to review things you wouldn't buy on your own.

I don't know. It's one of those murky spots for me I guess and I'm just curious where others stand on that one. I don't really think either side is wrong on it but it had me curious this past week or so.

As blog readers would it bother you knowing a reviewer wouldn't consider a book if it wasn't offered for review?

As you accept ones you wouldn't otherwise consider paying for? Or do you only accept ones you'd buy anyways one day? Or land somewhere in the middle? 

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