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Guest Post w/ Tory Richards-- Adult Stores...Ooo naughty!

Would you give yourself to a stranger? Gwendolyn Myers never thought about it until she runs into Marcus 'Bowie' Ford at the Pink Pussy. A run-down hotel at the edge of town. She's on the run, but one taste of the sexy biker convinces Gwen that her running days might be over!

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Have any of you ever been? I think they’re still around today, though maybe not as taboo as they were when I was growing up. My first experience with seeing nudity and watching movies with questionable content was when my parents would take my sister and me to the drive-in movies. I honestly believe that my parents didn’t think we would know what we were looking at, we were that young. This was back in the early sixties.

My first adult experience at age eighteen (42 years ago) was going to a movie theater in downtown Orlando where they showed porn. I went with my boyfriend, and his cousin. We just wanted to see what it was all about. I can still remember the cafeteria type chairs, about twenty of them, set up in this small square room with a huge screen. There were already people in there, and by people I mean men, (I was the only girl) and they were all wearing what looked like raincoats. We sat in the front row where I was able to alternate between listening to the moans, groans, and heavy breathing of the actors on screen, to the moans, groans, and heavy breathing of the men surrounding me. It was the longest ten minutes of my life!

We never went to another porn movie. However, shortly after my boyfriend and I got married he thought it would be cool to bring home a porn tape (8-track) so we could watch it in the comfort of our living room. He paid $80 dollars for that damn movie, and I was so scared to have it in the house believing that it was illegal that I taped Christmas specials over the whole thing! I guess you can say that I was a pretty naïve and unadventurous back then.

Well, I’m sorry to say being naïve followed me right into my mid-twenties and my first trip to an adult store. There were a group of us friends and one of them was about to have a birthday. So we thought it would be funny to get her a toy. I think I stupidly volunteered with another girl that we’d go together. We collected the money and drove to the only adult store I knew of, again in Orlando.

I had no idea what to expect, and my friend and I started giggling before we even walked through the door. There were a few men (shopping I guess) and we stopped and looked around just inside the door. To this day I couldn’t tell you what all was in there because my eyes were glued to the mannequin in the window, which had been blacked out. She was dressed in black leather, boots, a whip and masque, and my jaw dropped with pleasant surprise thinking that this wouldn’t be so bad after all. Then, with loud enthusiasm I turned to my friend and said, Ohmygod! They even have Halloween costumes in here!” You could have heard a pin drop after that, and Jackie said while laughing her ass off, “That’s not a Halloween costume!”

That’s when I noticed the cut-outs over certain body parts. My friend made me go sit out in the car after that. Seems kind of odd that I grew into writing erotic romance after that beginning doesn’t it?

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