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Interview w/ Laura Simcox-- We're having cookies!!! *squeals with delight*

Hey guys! Come drop in and say hey to Laura Simcox! She's one of my local authors and oh I do love this series. It's been an absolute blast. ~Anna
Forget being the president's daughter—Georgia Fulton is certain that she's on her way to journalistic stardom. Nothing's going to keep her from getting the story of her young career—a feature on sexy ballplayer Brett Knox … nothing except Brett, that is. Arrogantly charming and hotter than a Memphis summer, he's doing everything he can to distract her. He may be the focus of her assignment, but getting too close to him could cost her everything … including her heart.

Brett Knox, star player for the Memphis Redbirds, is determined to get to the big leagues—which means no distractions. Certainly not in the form of a sexy brunette who won't take no for an answer. As far as Brett's concerned, his life story isn't up for discussion—no matter how fast Georgia makes his heart race. But with everything on the line, he's got no choice but to trust her. If only he can trust himself … not to fall head over heels for the one girl completely out of his league.

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Laura!!! *tries not to squeal too loudly* It's so good to have you here. Welcome to the herd! I've got the day off from Lent so cookies...are being had!! Figured we'd nosh while we visit :)
*SUPER SQUEAL* I LOVE the herd!!
*passes around a try of some chocolate chip and some oatmeal peanut butter sandwich cookies *
*pets a cat* *eats a cookie* Thanks so much for inviting me back. *swipes another cookie*
*mumbling around a mouthful of sugary perfection* Alright now. So, I'm totally smitten with your ladies (and their guys) but for those who haven't met them yet. If you had 10 seconds to hook someone what would you tell them?
My heroines are funny, strong women who go all melty when their dream guys burst into their lives. My dream guys are also funny...and on top of that, are very protective and are great in bed. My couples have a hell of a lot of fun falling in love. They have their share of angst, but my plots are much more likely to have sexy practical jokes than broken-down sob fests.
Sexy practical jokes a good time. Heh. Can you tell us 3 fun/sexy behind the scenes facts about Georgia and Brett's story? .
Georgia once watched the entire baseball team do a striptease.
Thanks to a sexy phone call, Brett once caused Georgia to have a wardrobe malfunction while she was live, on the air at the TV station.
Georgia and Brett once made out in a swimming pool...with the Secret Service only feet away.
Gotta say. I'm jealous as hell of Georgia. Okay. Maybe not the wardrobe malfunction. But where the heck does a girl sign up for a baseball team striptease?!! And speaking of the lucky chit...Hands down funniest (or sweetest) thing Georgia said that had you loving her something fierce?
It's more of a favorite conversation that makes me love her fierce. This is (paraphrased) from when she was learning to pitch a baseball, because she was tasked with delivering the ceremonial pitch on the Fourth of July at a Redbirds game:
Brett: "You want some help? You need some pointers?"

Georgia: "Want and need are two different things. But no matter whether I need it or want it, you better show me."

Brett: (wondering...hoping...she's talking about something other than baseball...) "Show you?"

Georgia: "How to throw the ball."

Brett: "You could always throw it underhanded."

Georgia: "Screw that." 
That's my girl! I gotta tell ya. I'm pretty dang excited Brett's a ballplayer. I'm a junkie for sports romances. Whew boy! Give me a player in a book and I'm gonna melt. But I'm so not a sports in real life girl. lol What about you? Are sports a thing for you? Have a favorite player?
YAY! Love that you enjoy sports romances. But guess what? I'm not a sports girl in real life either. The only sport I really get into is baseball, and the only baseball I truly pay attention to is the St. Louis Cardinals. (Hence, Brett and his world.) The Cards are a family tradition for me. So, me writing a sports romance is kind of an anomaly, to tell you the truth. I don't know jack **** about other sports, even though I can really get into reading a book with a hot hockey hero...or football player...or... :)
Oh I'd take one of each of those. But yeah all I know about sports I learned from yall. Heh. So is Brett a "Big Gesture" kind of guy or a "quiet romantic"? Anything you can share that would make us swoon a little without being spoilery? :D
Brett is definitely a quiet romantic. He's had a celeb crush on Georgia for a long time and the sweetest thing he does is admit it to her. :D
Aw. Is it bad I kinda hope he blushed when he did? Heh. Sooooo....Favorite Man Candy?
My favorite man candy attached! One for reals, and one for fun. (Look closely. LOL LOL LOL)
omg that is hilarious! Yard gnomes or pink flamingos?
GNOMES!! We have one hiding under the rose bushes right now. He has psycho eyes and looks like a tiny creeper. I named him Sharkey.
Favorite food to make?
Reubens. Most delicious sandwich EVER. I'm no gourmet chef, but I can make the helloutta this. The key is ingredients and layering. Here's my order: Buttered Rye bread, baby swiss, Thousand Island dressing (not fat free, ugh), Bavarian sauerkraut, one slice of deli corned beef. Then repeat in reverse order and grill to golden perfection.
Yeah. That's one I'll never have. I'm not seeing a veggie version being so...well...anything. lol Weirdest thing in your purse right now?
An Imaginext action figure--an astronaut with a weird red plastic glob poking out of his head for no reason. (I have a 5 year old son.)
I'm completely obsessed with?
OMG, right now I'm completely obsessed with British crime drama series on Netflix. Totally not anything like what I write, which is probably why I'm sucked in so much. I LOVED Broadchurch, and The Fall, and Happy Valley. Awesome acting, and I love seeing female detectives who look like real people. They don't wear tight tank tops, lip gloss and heels. Not that I'm hating on American TV, but now that I've seen these series, I can't look at stuff like CSI the same way anymore.
Ahhh now you have me curious! Something you'd totally do if you could get away with it?
Oh, wow. I think I'd get on a plane, go to the Tower of London, take out all the crown jewels and try them on. Take some selfies. Then put them back and  go home.
LOL oooo petting pretties. I could be down with that. I'd want to get chips while there though too. And maybe stalk Ed Sheeran a little. Yes. That sounds like a good plan. Heh. Now, before you head out...what's up next for you?
Oooo, I want to go into SO MUCH detail because I'm excited, but I'm in that weird between series land, and I'm on submission. So I can't say a lot. I will tell you all that my brain is bursting with fun stuff. Think more lighthearted sexy contemporary romance perhaps with hot cops. Also think New Adult minus tons of angst...with drop dead sexy frat boys and the girls who turn their worlds upside down. When I have solid plans, you'll be one of the first to know!
Well that sounds like it could be an interesting run! Thanks so much for dropping in Laura! It was so fun visiting with you :)
WOOT!! Always fun, I agree!! *swiping one more cookie* *leaving parting cat toy gifts*
OOoo the Herd Babes say thank you! They loves their toys. And for the rest of yall....if you've got questions or comments for Laura hit the comment box below :)

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