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Quote-tastic/Review--Oh no. I meant it!-- Total Surrender by Rebecca Zanetti

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Soooo. This one's a little early since Total Surrender doesn't release until next week but I needed to be done. I just loved these two little exchanges. One of my favorite things about this series is that the guys are way over the top alpha. That's how they were made. But the women are tough as hell and aren't afraid to give the guys a piece of their mind or let it be known when they..are...pissed.

Behind him, Piper mumbled incoherent words as she followed him through the dark forest. Every once in a while, he caught a bastard, a shit-tard, and once she may have threatened to yank his balls out through his ears. That one was his favorite so far.

He'd disabled the car after driving as far as possible into the forest and then carried her a few miles until she wouldn't know how to get out. At that point, being a smart woman, she'd chosen to follow him.

While probably planning his death.

He liked that about her. 
and this one too... 

A light pink stole across her smooth cheekbones. "I hadn't thought of that."

She was also cute when she lied. "Hadn't you?" Jory asked, reaching for a T-shirt to drag on.

"Not exactly," she groused. Holding the sheet in place, she swung her legs from the bed and stood. "This is my decision."

He moved instinctively and without much thought, deftly jerking the sheet from her body.

She yelped, moved to cover herself, thought about the situation with a quick bite to the lip, and then stood to her full height, hands at her sides.

Damn, the woman was something. Jory shook his head. "You gave something of yourself to me last night, Piper, and you know it. I won't allow you to put yourself in danger, not even for me."

Somewhere during the sentence, her temper ignited, if the sparks flashing through her emerald eyes were any indication. He watched, fascinated, when her pupils narrowed to pinpricks.

"You don't get to allow anything with me, butthead."

Glorious. Fucking glorious. How he ended up, however briefly, with such an amazing woman, he'd never understand. Protecting and defending were what he did best, and he knew how to get results. For the first time, his heart, instead of his brain, pushed him to use his skills. He moved into her space, appreciating when she swallowed in reflex. "Allow was a poor word choice, as was butthead."

"Butthead was the perfect word choice." She slammed her hands on her hips and tilted her head way back to meet his gaze with a hard glare.
Total Surrender (Sin Brothers #4)
by Rebecca ZanettiHeat: 3 out of 5     Rating: 4 out of 5

I'm gonna need a minute to pick myself right up off the floor because Total Surrender did a number on me and left me one blissfully exhausted and satisfied reader-girl. Whew boy! Piper and Jory's story is an intense race against the clock as they work to save his life from a chip set to explode against his spine and Piper comes face to face with an agonizing decision on who to trust.

The quick of it is that Piper's a bit of a computer hacker and she's been brought in to try hack Jory's chip and save his life. But things aren't all what they seem or what she's been told and as questions pile up she finds herself on the run with Jory.

Piper has a good heart, is a terrible liar, a little naive there at the start and is just hella smart. I liked her. I really did. Even though I wanted to shake her over how trusting she was--usually of the wrong people--she was an awesome heroine and full of fire. And Jory. Ahhhh finally! Jory was sexy and dangerous and a little geeky which I just loved. His life has been brutal but he's got a kindness in him and complete dedication to his brothers. I love that relationship and seeing that side of him.

The two together. Ahhhh! and Yum!!!! They're constantly on the run and on edge and things move...quickly. But there was a stellar connection between them and man the chemistry. It was explosive and sexy and could be really touching too as they dealt with their feelings and fear of time running out because of Jory's chip.

The suspense. Seriously. Zanetti kills it. Twists, turns. The hits never stop coming and it was brilliant! In the first like 8 chapters alone my jaw dropped probably 4 times. It's amazing not seeing those bits coming. And they kept coming. It was really amazing. 

As was the relationship between the brothers (and their women). The guys. They're everything hard and fierce and dangerous. But they have a heartbreakingly vulnerable side that just gets me every time. They've only ever had each other and wanted a real family with parents that loved them and where they had softness and love. And when they talk about it or remember their childhoods. Holy crap. It about just does me in. They're just amazing men and so complex. 

My one complaint--and I don't know if this is because it was an ARC or not--was that there was a bit of repetition. Thoughts and such that just kept popping up or were repeated by multiple characters or in multiple scenes. And it was a bit distracting having that.

All in all, though, Zanetti rocked it. Total Surrender was an amazing, heart pounding, make-a-girl-swoon way to end a phenomenal series. Zanetti makes it hard not to fall completely and utterly in love--and maybe a little in lust--with her characters and their stories. Definitely a series to check out if you're a fan of romantic suspense. It just doesn't get better than the Sin Brothers. 

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