Friday, March 13, 2015

#WordFromTheHerd: Stop. Panicking. Seriously. Stahp it! Yes, Authors & Bloggers. I'm talking at YOU!

So. I love the romance community. Awesome people, awesome reads, lots of very good hearts and generous people.

But Sweet Mary. We are a damn panicky bunch.

And it's driving me bat shit crazy.

You guys have got to calm the fuck down.

Every other week there seems to be an..."omg! Facebook is out to get us! If you don't do X by this day you'll never see an author/blogger page again!!!" or "Blogger is the devil! They're going to delete ALL THE BLOGS!!!" Share, share, share!!

You guys. Seriously. Calm. The. Fuck. Down.

The latest round was that FB was going to remove likes from pages if readers didn't interact with the fan pages. Hell if I know who started that up but for yall still in a freak out over this. IT'S NOT TRUE! Ahhhh. For this case...Facebook is removing likes from inactive Facebook accounts. That does NOT mean they're removing likes from people who follow you and just don't interact with you. NO! They're removing people who have deactivated their FB accounts or passed away and their accounts were memorialized. Two very very different things. And not a reason to cause a panic on Facebook with readers.

Again. IT'S NOT TRUE that your followers are going to disappear just because they aren't liking, commenting or sharing!

Imagine that! It really never is. Had anyone done a quick search (yeah it took me 15 seconds to find the post by Facebook about it) you'd find this post explaining the changes. Which are NOTHING to freak out about.

Remember back in Dec there was a huge if you don't click notices and follow and this and that on January 1st all blogs and authors in your feed will disappear! Ahhhhh.


It wasn't true either!

Guys. Really. It's annoying to see these posts. It's making me unlike and unfollow because I'm exasperated with the panicky behavior, the follow the herd mentality and the lack of rational behavior and common sense. These things are usually pretty easy to check up on and see if they're true. Do a little research BEFORE you hit share or repost any of these fear inducing posts. Even if you can't find a post about it...why are you taking the word of some random on the internet who can't provide a link either?? Back during the Dec fear mongering I asked over and over again...where is your proof? Do you have any actual links/pages that say this is what's going to happen. And guess what. Not a single person spreading the fear could back it up other than saying well so in so said.

*pinches bridge of nose*

Please. Next time you see a post about some change on Blogger or Facebook or Goodreads or Amazon or where ever that's all about the awful horrible slam down bloggers or authors are about to get...before you repost a little research.

THIS would probably be a good feed to follow since it updates FB changes and such. If any of yall have other official pages that explain updates/changes please share them!

Anyways. That's my 2 cents for this week's Word from the Herd.

What say you?
Does it drive you nuts?
Do you catch the panic?

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