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Quote-tastic/Review-- Love After All (Hope #4) by Jaci Burton

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So I couldn't just decide on one this week. So...two!

Okay both of these are before Bash and Chelsea really get together. They're friends with some killer chemistry and they're having a hard time resisting. Chelsea was a little tipsy after a girls night out and Bash was just such a good guy taking care of her and making sure nothing went too far. I just thought she was kinda cute in this one. 

He broke the kiss, unable to resist taking one last brush of his lips across hers. She tasted of alcohol and something sugary sweet. His dick was hard and throbbing and he was going to be thinking about that on the long drive back to town.

She laid her head back on the pillow, her eyes half-lidded as she smiled up at him. "It's because I'm drunk, isn't it?"

He brushed her hair away from her face. "Yeah."

"I'd still respect you in the morning, you know."

His lips curved. 
And this one. I don't usually love the whole "get you out of my system" bit but this time I thought it was pretty damn funny. I just loved his reaction. 
The problem was, she wasn't a one-night-stand kind of woman. She wasn't into casual sex. She took sex pretty seriously, and it usually came attached to a relationship.

So could she scratch that sexual itch and then walk away?

"I'm surprised smoke isn't coming out of your ears right now."

She tilted her head to the side. "What?"

"You're staring holes through me, and I can hear the gears turning in your brain. What's on your mind?"

"You, actually."

"Yeah? What about me?"

"I'm pondering having sex with you because you keep showing up on my radar and it's preventing me from finding the perfect man. So if you and I have sex, maybe I'll get you out of my system and I can move on."

Bash blinked. "Uh...what?"

Chelsea gave him a look. "You heard me the first time."

Chelsea almost smiled at his confusion...

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Heat: 3 out of 5    Rating: 4 out of 5
Love After All (Hope #4)

Oh I love me some Jaci Burton. I'm always up for one of her books and had a great time with Love After All as friends--and total opposites--Bash and Chelsea finally do something about all the sparks between them.

The quick of it is that Chelsea is on a mission to find her perfect man and she's made a list. It's been done before but it's still a pretty damn fun theme. Especially when Mr Wrong aka Bash aka sexy lickable bar owner decides he's gonna help her find that man. And...if it takes a while to find her perfect man? Well, Bash is more than up to the task of helping her find some, erm, relief...of the nekkid variety while she waits for Mr Right. Yay Bash! lol

Bash and Chelsea were so much fun. I really liked these two and watching them spend time together and get to know each other better. Bash is a hottie, totally responsible, a little naughty and so freaking cute with a little dog that was abandoned and ended up his. Like chihuahua little. I just loved that whole big alpha male who's smitten with a tiny pup bit. And Chelsea was a sweetie. Hard working, a great friend and maybe a little surprising? I loved that about both of them actually. They weren't only what they appeared on the outside or what the other thought. They had some nice layers to them which made for a good time.

They were great together too. They were fun and sweet and had a sassy cheeky connection from knowing each other so long. And lordy. The heat! How she resisted Bash for so long I have no clue. This guy and his offer of nekkid fun any time she wanted? Something she totally should have jumped on right away (she resisted for quite a while which dragged a wee little bit). Bash...has the moves. omg he was HOT and the sexy bits were scorching and all kinds of delicious.

All in all? Burton is one I run to any time I just need to relax and feel comforted and, as always, she delivered. Love After All was a sexy fun good time that left me smiling as Bash and Chelsea found love and romance where they never expected. 


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