Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Monthly Herd--March 2015--I'm *flailing* and being overly dramatic! Wee! lol

Holy. Shit. How is it APRIL tomorrow??
Stop the train!!
I need more time!

Okay. Done being overly dramatic. For now. So. March wasn't bad!

It got a little warmer. Then colder. Then warmer. Then colder again.

But I managed to NOT get sick and got a good bit done.

My big news this month on both the blogging front and personal is that I started my first full time virtual assistant gig for an author. *squeals with delight* She's an awesome lady too and so far it's been a great time. I'm still doing individual author services like setting up tours and such as well which is keeping me busy :) 

Other than that I got a little time in at the USO again this month which was nice. And did a very small reader/author lunch which was fun. Hopefully we'll do another one at some point. Hmms what else? Oh oh! I made my first custom blogger journal. I'll be selling these at some point (obviously w/o my blog name lol). Hopefully in the next couple weeks for both bloggers and readers. I'll let yall know when that happens.

I think that's about it for March for me. It really wasn't a bad month at all. Now on to April!
I was boring this month. *flails*
Not a single new thing on the blog.
But I do have some things brewing about for next month I think.
Might be fun.
We'll see.

It begins...tomorrow!
One month. 26 letters. Lots of random blogging.

I have a couple blogger ops available for those interested.

Ongoing Spotlight &/or Review: 
Katalina Leon 

Spotlight Tour May 1st: 
Naming His Mate by M. Limoges  m/m novella

Also! If you'd like to join my blogger mailing list for future tours and opportunities 
you can sign up HERE

Oh and May will bring the next Support the Troops Auction! Last year raised a bit over $2600 and hoping we'll do the same this year :) 

Authors wanting to donate items...please check out the form HERE! Thanks!

*I forgot him darn it!*

Total Books: 15
In My Cart Reviews: 1
New Authors: 5
For Challenges: 10

(aka the post where no one got my point. lol)

Guest Post w/ Tamara Hughes
Guest Post w/ Sandy James
Interview w/ Laura Simcox
Guest Post w/ Tory Richards

Tasty Delights--Veggie French Onion Soup
Proving evil is tasty!


Cat Thursday...Naps? Can We Haz Em?
Cat Thursday-- Feeling grumbly!

Aaaaaaand that was April!
How'd YOUR month go?

If you do a monthly wrap up leave your links in the comments!

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