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Quote-tastic/Review--*What* do you think you're doing?! --The Bedding Proposal by Tracy Anne Warren

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Soooo a new to me author. And one that had me totally charmed and loving every second of it. A historical with a heroine over 30. *gasp* And she was divorced! *double gasp* It was really an awesome read. This scene was early on when the two are dancing around each other. Well he's trying to get with her and she's not so on board yet. She's just hurt her ankle and he's trying to take care of her. :D I kind of found his charm irresistible too ;)

She let her eyes close.

They popped back open seconds later when she felt his hands slip under her skirt and travel up her leg with a gliding move that made her skin tingle.

She smacked one hand over the top of his to stop him, clutching it through the material of her dress. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Searching for your garter," he said in an innocent tone. "I'm nearly there, I believe, if you would let me proceed."

"Hmmpf. Well, proceed with a bit less enthusiasm."

A grin spread over his face. "I can try, but it might be difficult. I do everything with enthusiasm, especially when it comes to undressing a desirable woman."

"You are not undressing me, at least not in the manner you are implying. You are..." She paused, her words trailing off as she tried to think of a way to describe the current situation.

"Yes? What am I doing?" he teased, his grin growing wider.

"Oh, just get on with it and be quick."

"Now, those are words a man never wants to hear."

She stared as his meaning sank in. Then to her consternation, she began to smile. 
The Bedding Proposal (The Rakes of Cavendish Square #1)
Heat: 3 out of 5
Rating: 4 out of 5

Lovely. Simply lovely. The Bedding Proposal swept me away and had me totally smitten. The quick of it is that Leo is rather bored with things and looking to liven up his life. And he's set his sights on Lady Thalia. A scandalous older divorcee who sets tongues wagging everywhere she goes and that's got no interest in a young whelp that's interested in her, erm, personal delights.

Oh these two. They're everything I love in a hero and heroine. I could easily see being friends with either of them. Leo is a younger guy (25 to her 31) and rather cheeky though he's got an inner depth he keeps tightly hidden. He's sexy and thoughtful and rather forceful without being domineering. And Thalia. She was incredible. She's got a backbone of steel and tremendous character and determination. She lost everything when her husband divorced and ruined her name years earlier. Her place in society, everything she owned, her home, most of her friends. But she never quit, built her life back up and was determined to take care of herself no matter what. I adored her and my heart broke for everything she'd been through.

They were really wonderful together. He saw her and she really saw him. They just had that lovely connection where they... clicked. Even if they started off on the wrong foot. Poor Leo definitely had his work cut out for him when it came to wooing Thalia and more often than not...he was so lacking in the smooth about it in those early days and made a blunder of it. I loved seeing them go from--not hostile but whew boy! to having friendship sneak in and turn to love.

Most of the romance was Leo trying to get his girl who was oh so very reluctant. And it was fun and sweet and rather steamy. Though there wasn't much unexpected happening. Which doesn't bother me but then...surprise! Warren brought in some interesting twists I didn't see coming and I loved it.

I love when authors do something a little different. And everything about The Bedding Proposal was exactly that and beautifully done. A heroine over 30, a younger hero, divorce in a time it just wasn't common. It was intriguing I loved his family and her staff and her cat as well.

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