Saturday, March 7, 2015

How do YOU stalk the herd? I'd really like to know :D Come help a girl out!

Hey guys! So today I have a question for yall. I'm trying to spend my time online more wisely and part of that is focusing on the social media outlets and such that yall are using the most. So!
If you would please fill out this quickie poll I'd really appreciate it :D

This is for ways you actively follow/engage with the blog.
So like if you interact with the blog 3+ times per week via any of these outlets please check them :)

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And if you enjoy the blog and want to keep up with the herd I'm pretty much all over the place.
So stalk away! I've got everything listed below for yall. Oh and if there's a media outlet you'd like to see me on more please do let me know.

 Email Subscription | Bloglovin
 The Kinkery--Erotic Romance/Kink/Dark Romance FB book club

the Social Bloggers--blogger support/socializing--this is blogers ONLY

the Herd: After Dark--a private FB group that's a little naughtier

Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram
G+ | Tumblr (very NSFW) | Goodreads
Facebook (Swoon) | Tsu

Listopia Lists we started--Covergasms | Pierced Peckers
Facebook (personal)
HCBS Author Services-- Blog | Facebook
The Herd Hops-- Blog | Facebook
and me on Amazon

I think that's all of them. Or most of them :D If you follow another way let me know!

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