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Interview w/ Callie Hutton--Cheese, Pups, & Accidental Marriages??

Hey Guys! We've got  Callie Hutton joining us today! She writes historical romance with yummeh highlanders :D Yall give her a big welcome and hit those comments!

Morning Callie! Welcome to herding cats! Come on in. I've got hot tea and cocoa set up since it's so dang chilly these days. Chocolate chip cookies too. I was so excited about getting a little gossip about these two--I just love accidental marriages. And highlanders. Gah! --that a little baking had to happen. lol
Ah, chocolate chip cookies are my favorite. I’ll be happy to take any leftovers home with me. (For my cats, of course – oh, wait a minute I don’t have cats – just three dogs.) Everything in my part of the world is super. I love this time of year when the leaves turn orange and gold and the air is cool and crisp. I can almost smell my turkey baking in the oven.
Oh I love this time of year too! The trees here have been gorgeous. *passes the plate of cookies* Alright, I'm in need some some gossip! Say you had only 10 seconds to hook someone what would you tell them to get em all hot and bothered over The Highlander's Accidental Marriage? 
Since my hero, Braeden McKinnon is accidentally married to a woman who stirs his blood, he’d love to get to know her better between the sheets. Sarah doesn’t know she inadvertently married them and Braeden doesn’t think the time is right to enlighten her. Can he keep his hands off her until their road trip is over? 
I just love the set up for this one. Poor Braeden! Can you tell us some fun/sexy/quirky/neat behind the scenes tidbits Lady Sarah and Braeden's story?
1) I think the scene where Sarah accidentally marries them is fun because Braeden knows what she did by announcing they were married, but Sarah is clueless. Although he didn’t want to necessarily marry, now that he is, all he can think about is getting her into bed.
2) Since Braeden is a genius, my editor wanted me to add ‘genius’ things to his dialog. Do you know how hard it is to talk like a genius when you’re not one?
Oh man. Yeah that would so NOT be easy! It sounds like these two got themselves into quite the situation! Any moments between them that just had you giggling or in a swoon as they figured things out?
There is a scene when they have to share a room and Braeden knows they’re married and Sarah doesn’t realize yet what she’s done. Needless to say, he is quite ‘uncomfortable’ the whole night through.  
Once again. Poor Braeden! lol What's the first thing that pops into your head about Lady Sarah? What about Braeden?
Lady Sarah has her eye on a career as a romance author, which doesn’t include the restrictions of a husband. Braeden has his career as a classical archeologist to consider, but as a man marriage makes no difference to him. His work will continue as before
They really both were determined! I saw there were #HerdPups in your crew. We'd love to hear about them! Do they get in on the writing process? (pictures are welcome!)
They used to be in my writing process but I kept falling, tripping and stepping over their sprawled bodies. So now they spent the day in the yard while I write away. I’ll attach a picture of the little darlings. 
Aw they're adorable! And since herd babes love treats...favorite "couldn't live without it" snack?
Oh, man. I love me some cheese! Weirdest thing in your purse right now?
A bullet casing from the last time daughter and I went shooting
:facepalm: yeah I totally...
forgot about that  (I seem to say that a lot)
What is your favorite word?
Before you head out what's coming up next for you?
Right now I’m writing the next and final story in the Marriage Mart Mayhem series. Youngest sister, Mary visits Sarah and Braeden at Edinburgh University and gets herself into the same type of troubles her sisters have gotten into. 
Oh that sounds fun! Can't wait! Thanks so much for dropping in today, Callie! I finished this one this weekend and totally smitten with Braeden!

Scotland, 1817

The Duke of Manchester's sister, Lady Sarah Lacey, always abides by the rules of etiquette. Fate, however, has no such confines. On a journey to the Scottish Highlands, Lady Sarah is set upon by misfortune-leaving her without carriage or chaperone, and left to the mercy of a kind and handsome gentleman. Whom (in order to secure a room at an inn) she announces is her husband.

When she proclaims they're married in public, Professor Braeden McKinnon can't bring himself to correct the lovely Lady Sarah. After all, her reputation would be ruined. Nor can he tell her that her proclamation is not only legally binding in Scotland, but sharing a room is considered to be an act of consummation...

Now they are bound together until death do they part-even if Sarah has no intention of becoming any man's wife

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The USA Today best selling author of The Elusive Wife writes both Western Historical and Regency romance, with “historic elements and sensory details” (The Romance Reviews). She also pens an occasional contemporary or two. Callie lives in Oklahoma with several rescue dogs, two adult children, and daughter-in-law (thankfully all not in the same house), and her top cheerleader husband of thirty-eight years. She also currently waits with bated breath for the birth of twin grandsons. 

Find Callie Online!

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