Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Secret Santa w/ Herding Cats :D You're Invited!

Hey guys! I've shared over on FB but wanted to do so here as well. I'm hosting a Secret Santa gift exchange this year. Would love to have yall join in! I've actually got three Christmasy things going. Sign ups for all three end Nov 15th so that people have time to shop and send. Two are for actual prezzies and one is for recipes. Noms!

Okay, so one of the FB groups I'm in started using a site called Elfster to do monthly presents for each other. It's crazy easy. You join and then on the 15th you're matched with ONE other member. Then you send them a present. It's been a lot of fun in that group so thought I'd try it here.

Once you join you can create a wishlist of items. Then people can check that out and send you something from your list or use it as inspiration. You don't have to actually buy anything through the site. They can also send you questions to feel ya out on certain items. I've got it set as a $25 gift limit though you don't have to spend that much. Items can be e-gifts or physical gifts. Store bought or home made. (someone could SO send me cookies and I'd be ecstatic!) It's just about having a little fun, getting a surprise and knowing someone out there was thinking of ya :D

The general herding cats exchange is HERE.

There's also one for the Kinkery if you're a member of that group. It's the erotic book club we run.  It's HERE.

Aaaand the third thing is the Christmas Recipe Exchange. I posted about that a bit back but wanted to send a reminder since it closes for joining in just a few days :) That can be found HERE.


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