Monday, November 30, 2015

The Monthly Herd--November 2015--a herd babe scare, LOTS of reads & dip. Glorious dip.

Erm. December already? Gah! November was intense at Casa Herding Kitties. A lot of yall know but November brought a herd babe crisis and I nearly lost my foster girl Rosie. That's a huge part of why I wasn't around as much visiting blogs and on social media. There were lots of vet visits, emergency visits and then home care when she finally got to come home. She had a feeding tube and multiple meds and I was her sole provider for all food, water, etc because she wouldn't eat. Thankfully she is doing so much better. Eating and drinking on her own and looking good. Still a lot of healing to do but I'm finally able to take a breather. Whew! So that was home life in November.

On the actual blog I am thanking my stars for having done Blog Ahead 2015. It saved the blog and my sanity while I was away with Rosie. Posts still went up! Yay! And there were a LOT of them. I usually try to do about 15 review posts each month. November? 22. That was a lot of extra reading/blogging for me and I'm a spot behind where Dec comes into play reading-wise. Definitely need to pay more attention in 2016! Anywho. On to the recap for November!

I started a combo blog for all of the events and services I offer :)
This will replace the Herd Hops and HCBS Promotions. 

Blog hops, blog tours, assistant services, reading challenges, etc will all be featured over there.

Authors for the Holidays starts tomorrow! 
This is our fourth year hosting and omg yall the line up!
So many awesome authors joining us with fun posts.
Plus a few fun posts from yours truly! 
And don't forget there's still time to submit questions for yall interviewing me :)

Other than that. There are two blog hops open for sign ups.
I'm going to be doing things a little different with hops starting in 2016.
Hopefully it'll help everyone get posts prepped earlier :)


And our 2016 reading challenges are up too!



Total Reviews: 22 (plus 1 from Sharon
For challenges: 22
New to Me Authors: 11
Favorite Read: Hard Beat or The Exhibitionist
Guest post w/ Vanessa Kelly
Interview  w/ Callie Hutton
Guest Post w/ Jennifer Chambers
Spotlight for Kimberly Kincaid

Insta-Wednesday: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


Aaaaand that's it for November 2015. Whew! A is needed. lol

Did you have a favorite post from this month?
If you did a Nov wrap up let me know!

And yall feel free to hop around to past posts if you missed em :)


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