Saturday, November 7, 2015

Love the Herd? Stalk the Herd!

Every once in a bit I like to toss all this at ya!
There's always new people stopping by so couldn't hurt, right?
If you enjoy the herd and want to keep up with the herd I'm pretty much all over the place.
So stalk away!

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Erotic Romance/Kink/Dark Romance book club

the Social Bloggers
For bloggers who would like to socialize/support fellow bloggers

The Herd: After Dark
a little bit naughtier side of HC. It's just a silly FB group.

Herding Cats Reading Challenges
If you're in one of our 2016 challenges this is the spot to go for updates/visiting/sharing news!

I'm a little bit of everywhere these days. lol
I'm MAINLY on FB though. It's the best place to find me.

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But I play around on all of these too!

Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | G+ 

Tumblr (very NSFW)
lotta nekkid happening here...

Goodreads & Listopia
Covergasms | Pierced Peckers

The Herd Presents
This is kinda new. It's the combination of two previous blogs--The Herd Hops and HCBS Promotions. I wanted to make life easier for me in 2016 so consolidated.

 Website | Facebook

I offer Author Services these days.
This includes all sorts of things from full time VAing to running blog tours.

I also host a lot of events each year for bloggers, authors & readers.
Reading Challenges, Blog Challenges, Blog Hops, etc

You'll find it all above :)

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