Friday, November 20, 2015

Thankful for You Giveaway Hop! (Nov 20-27)

With Thanksgiving right around the corner I wanted to do a hop for all of us bloggers and authors to let yall know how much ya'll mean to us. And, seriously, yall mean the world! Hop on through and meet all the other bloggers. Say hey to the ones you know already and maybe find a few new ones to get to know this coming year :D There's a giveaway at each stop!

So, today's is all about...YOU! Yes, you! My lovely, quirky, sometimes (okay a lot of times) pervy, wonderful readers. <3 You are the absolute best. And I'm so very thankful for each and every one of yall.

I've been blogging for almost 4 years now. That is a LONG time for a blog. And yall are really a huge part of what keeps me going. <3

that yall have a sense of humor and go along with my random.

that you curse up a blue streak with me
(we'd so do sailor's proud!)

that you're there for me when the herd is having troubles
(like this week. yall have kept me strong for my little Rosie)

for all of you who tag me in things
(it really makes my day)

for those of you who stop by all the time and comment
(seriously you fucking rock!)

and share your favorite reads with me
(even though my tbr pile sobs every time)

that yall let me go all #RantyAnna now and again
(and still love me)

for those of you who share in my #PiercedPeckers obsession

that I've gotten to meet a few of you in real life!

Pretty much...

Big ol' <tackle hugs> at all of ya.

You guys really are the best. Yall brighten my day and I'm so thankful for each of ya and that yall are a part of my life.

Anywho. I've got a giveaway for yall today :)
Winner's choice of ebook or print book up to 7.99
Enter below! Then be sure to hop around to all of the other blogs and check em out.

Enter the Giveaway!

Thankful for You

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