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4 stars--What Happens Under the Mistletoe Anthology by Jeffries, Hawkins, Camp and Duran

Sweet, spirited  full of saucy adventure. Jeffries, Hawkins, Camp & Duran charmed with a lovely Christmas anthology. I love Christmas stories. There's something so warm and cozy about them and the four novellas in What Happened Under the Mistletoe hit just the right spot. Each was the perfect length for a cold winters night in front of a roaring fire. The romances were quick but nicely done. A little heat, a lot of attraction and a dollop of action to keep things interesting. Nicely done!

The Heiress and the Hothead by Sabrina Jeffries

The Quick Of It: A Christmas gathering. A heated kiss. A hero set on exposing the atrocities of mill owners. An American heroine who owns a mill. Realizing you just kissed the enemy? #Priceless

The Yay: Jeffries is always entertaining. I adore her romances and characters. Stephen and Amanda were quite the thing. Poor bloke. He just never had a chance against the pistol that was Amanda. She was a fierce chickie and not about to take any of his crap over the mills. Had him all turned upside down and churned up over all his warring desires. I had fun watching their sharp tongues and seeing the resolve weaken. They may have seem at odds over the mills but really they're both great people who want to make the world a safer place for workers though they definitely went about it different ways. Whew! There's a little heat and a little danger that brings them together. The only thing that didn't quite work for me was the sex scene. It was just bit oddly placed and had me giving them the wonky eye because really yall? lol  But other than that it was a fun little jaunt and tasty holiday treat.

Twelve Kisses to Midnight by Karen Hawkins

sexy men, man candy, back porn
The Quick Of It: A compromising run in at a masquerade ball and a winter blizzard seem determined to bring the former lovers--Marcus & Kenna--back into each others lives. Kicking and screaming the whole way. And maybe copping a feel now and again too.

The Yay: I love couples with a past. These two were so similar. Stubborn and fierce. And they let that out on each other which was kinda fun to watch. I enjoyed their dynamic. The battle between their attraction and annoyance with each other. And I'm a sucker for the whole snowed in stuck in a cabin together trope. Especially since this cabin had a bit of a pervy bent to it. Some nice kissin' and a little actual lovin'.

By Any Other Name by Candace Camp

The Quick Of It: When a girl's brother disappears after a family fight what's she to do? Don chaps of course and venture into the gaming hells in search of the lout! Maybe confuse a hero along the way then have one hell of a time shaking him once he realizes, yeah, she's not so much a dude and is rocking some boobage.

The Yay: Gregory and Rylla were fab. There's a little cat and mouse thing going on there at the start when she's pretending to be a guy. Trying to ditch the captivated Gregory much to no avail. It was fun seeing them together--once he tracked down his girl-- as they wandered the night in search of her "lost" brother. A little chemistry and heat at the end and it made for a sweet encounter and a dreamy romance. Definitely plan on reading more from Camp.

Sweetest Regret by Meredith Duran

The Quick Of It: She's been abandoned at Christmas! And forced to play hostess to her father's wild house guests. Including a late arrival who shattered her young heart years ago. Blast her father! Georgie is just having a time of it this Christmas. But chickie is tough and determined to make it a lovely Christmas week for all. And might just find out a little bit about the past she never knew during all the holiday revelries.

The Yay: I love second chance romances and aw these two were great. Add in a little mystery as Lucas and Georgie search for a stolen letter and partake in all sorts of holiday cheer from decorating to jaunts about town and delicious meals and it was just a fun little ride. I loved Georgie. I could so see myself being her. She was determined to show their out of town guests the delights of English Christmas and all it entails. They were gonna see and do it all and dammit they were gonna enjoy it! lol It was a quickie but fun. I'm on board for more Duran too!

Have you read any of these ladies?
Do you like a spot of adventure with your romance?
Have any favorite Christmas reads?

Christmas, historical romance
Stunned by the heat of an unexpected kiss on a cold winter’s eve, two strangers from vastly different worlds turn hotheaded principles into burning passion in Sabrina Jeffries’s delightful yuletide story, The Heiress and the Hothead. In the snowy Scottish countryside, Karen Hawkins’s rakish duke has an unforgettable holiday encounter in Twelve Kisses when the alluring lady he surprises under the mistletoe is not who he expected, but a long-lost love with a score to settle. In By Any Other Name, Edinburgh is aglitter for Christmastime as Candace Camp sends a curious gentleman in hot pursuit of an intriguing lady in disguise—one who refuses to reveal her true identity, though she fears he has already stolen her heart with his kiss. In Sweet Ruin, will the festive spirit of the season sweep Meredith Duran’s feisty heroine beneath the mistletoe—and back into the arms of the dashing rogue whose carelessness soiled her reputation and sent her into exile in London?

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